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Nickson accidentally gave away The Edge $100K ATM pin

The first day of The Edge $100k ATM going off to a great start thanks to Nickson.


Nickson Clark is joining The Edge Breakfast in 2022

Welcome to The Edge whānau Nickson.


Randell just announced that he's taking a break from radio in 2022

We'll miss you, Clint.


The Edge Breakfast present: Year in a Song 2021

A mash up of all your fave hits this year.


Chris opens up about his 'bloody' childhood teddy bear

Someone get him a tissue.


Randell tries his best to guess what Adele's next song will sound like

Alright then.


Ed Sheeran reveals theory about 'test' Adele gives her mates to spot tabloid leaks

Revealing who her true friends are.


Full Interview: Ed Sheeran opens up about his new album '='

One of Ed's most honest interviews EVER.


Ed Sheeran is releasing a Christmas Song with Sir Elton John - and we've got a snippet

Ed and Elton, swinging in to save 2021.


Ed Sheeran: “I miss New Zealand… The tour’s planned”

Finally, some good news.


Randell, Chris & Steph brainstorm the best Halloween costumes of 2021

Nothing beats a sponsored post though.


Meg has given birth to a beautiful baby girl named Daisy

Meg & her husband Guy surprised us all with the amazing news that over the weekend, the couple welcomed their baby girl, Daisy Penelope Mansell.


Chris challenges The Edge voiceover guy to a 'voiceover off'

Think we've just found our new voice fam.


Randell, Chris & Steph prank a caller during Every Caller Wins

We can't believe they fell for it!


Randell & Steph welcome Chris Parker to the show by painting Boss Casey's fence

Read all about it.


Randell makes things official with Chris Parker for the rest of 2021

Welcome to the fam Chris!


Chris teaches Randell & Steph the iconic Bakers Delight theme tune

Truly iconic.


Wait, did Randell win $200,000 in last night's Lotto?

What an absolute stitch-up.


Chris & Randell attempt to hit Adele's high notes in 'Easy On Me'

Maybe stick to your day jobs.


Exciting news! Chris Parker is joining The Edge Breakfast for the rest of 2021

Catch Chris on Edge Breakfast with Randell and Steph, 6-10am weekday mornings.


Billie Eilish on reaching out to Lorde and a potential collab with Niall Horan

She couldn't be more excited about returning to our shores.


Steph joins The Edge Breakfast covering for Meg as she becomes a new mum

Can't wait to hear you in the AM Steph.


Lorde addresses Met Gala rumour that she was high on the red carpet

Lorde chats to Meg & Randell about her new single 'Mood Ring'.


Meg does something truly embarrassing during her first antenatal class

Truly embarassing.


Randell shows off his 'Bad Boy' moped to Meg

Living his best 'Bad Boy' life...


Dom signs off from The Edge for the final time

Goodbye to the G.O.A.T


Dom announced he's leaving The Edge after 21 years on-air

A true legend of The Edge says goodbye.


Meg bungy jumped off the Auckland Harbour Bridge to win a listener a trip to Hawaii

We couldn't be more proud of her!


Dom's dad caught him putting his ding-dong next to the jets in a spa pool one time

Oh god what was he thinking?


Funny moment when Dom explained an encyclopedia to Meg

Lol age gap much?