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That time Meg thought she was looking at the moon only for it to be a street light

Yeah Nickson, we definitely agree with you on this one...


Eli gets emotional over thousands raised for Outline after shock elimination from DWTS

"They've had more donations than they've ever had."


We got Eli a DWTS billboard! Except the marketing team may have made a mistake...

Wait, aren't Eli Mathewson and Rhys Mathewson the same person? No?


We put our dating skills to the test with Intern Cal and it's good we're not single

To honour the best day to go on a date, we did a speed dating round with Intern Cal!


MAFS’ Al Perkins chats with The Edge Breakfast about Olivia and Domenica’s beef

Al sheds some light on the reality of the explosive dinner parties from the show and his reaction.


Full Interview: Al Perkins from MAFS Australia spills the tea!

Al opens spills on the explosive dinner parties, his infamous shoeys and how his wife ranked him!


Watch as Nickson ruins Eli's dream interview with Amy Schumer

As Nickson explains his wife's love for Michael Cera, and then he really puts his foot in it...


Nickson, Meg and Eli have a crack at the rap from Imagine Dragon's hit 'Enemy'

Let's just say Imagine Dragon won't be reaching out anytime soon...


It's time to stage a intervention with Meg

Meg thought this was something everyone could relate to... oh how wrong she was.


Listeners share the moment they realised they definitely weren't straight

Listeners let us know their "uh-huh, I may not be straight" moments.


This surprise call from Meg's mum is major wholesome vibes

For international women's day, Meg got the sweetest message from her mum.


"Divorce feels like'" Meg's poem in reply to Kanye West's 'suffocating' feeling

Kanye West shared a 'suffocating' divorce poem but Meg says there are two sides to a divorce.


"I'm shaking!" Jess wins $30,000 after correctly guessing The Edge $100K ATM Pin

Winning $30,000 with The Edge is definitely not a bad start to a Monday!


Meg's message to Edge listeners: I'm terrified and excited about coming back

'I'm terrified, excited, relieved, sad, nervous, happy and ridden with guilt all at the same time.'


Meg is returning to Edge Breakfast on Monday, and Steph isn't going anywhere!

Heck yeah! Meg is back on Monday and Steph is sticking around!


The team hear an unbelievable story from a listener about a Scooby-doo first date gone wrong

We asked for the worst first date stories and this has to be one of them...


In case you didn't know what Uber is, Nickson is here to explain

In case you're living under a rock, Nickson's got you.


Activist Shaneel Lal on the threats to their life following the Conversion Therapy Ban

Following the milestone passing of the conversion therapy ban last night, instead of celebrating, one of the key organizers is having to leave town.


Steph stuns the team as she shares her out the gate 'wahoo'


The Edge ATM tried to bribe Ariana with $500 to not guess her pin

Turns out, she probably should've accepted the bribe...


Listeners share over-the-top presents they received after only dating for a short time

PSA: Don't go too hard to early on with the gift-giving!


Nickson breaks the unspoken Wordle rule and says the days' word live on air

Yesterday, Nickson broke the unspoken Wordle rule and lucky it's the long weekend because Steph's going to need a few days to cool down after that.


Listeners are sharing their 'icks' and some of these are very, very, true

The Edge Breakfast asked 'what are your 'icks'?' with listeners getting very, very specific


Heartwarming moment Stella says she'll share $100k ATM win with her best friend

After winning $10,000 with The Edge $100K ATM, Stella said she was going to spend it on her best friend, who's currently stuck in Australia.


Nickson accidentally gave away The Edge $100K ATM pin

The first day of The Edge $100k ATM going off to a great start thanks to Nickson.


Nickson Clark is joining The Edge Breakfast in 2022

Welcome to The Edge whānau Nickson.


Randell just announced that he's taking a break from radio in 2022

We'll miss you, Clint.


The Edge Breakfast present: Year in a Song 2021

A mash up of all your fave hits this year.


Chris opens up about his 'bloody' childhood teddy bear

Someone get him a tissue.


Randell tries his best to guess what Adele's next song will sound like

Alright then.