Can the viral Stanley Cup ACTUALLY survive a fire? We tested it to get the final answer
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Can the viral Stanley Cup ACTUALLY survive a fire? We tested it to get the final answer

The Stanley cup craze has taken over the world - is it really the best drink bottle?

We’ve put the viral Stanley Cup to the test to see if it truly is worth the title of the best drink bottle in the world.

Whether you have one or not, you have to admit you’ve been tempted by endless videos on your TikTok FYP of crowds rushing to get their hands on the viral Stanley Drink bottles.

Well, the hype began after TikToker @danimarielettering shared the ruins of her car after it caught fire. What remained? A single Stanley cup seemingly beating all odds, still intact and full of ice among all the burnt ruins.

Seems impossible, right? That’s what our very own Edge Breakfast crew thought, so they decided to test the strength of the cup for themselves.


The true question we want answered is; Can a Stanley Cup really retain ice inside the temperatures of a car fire?

We bought five drink bottles ranging in price from $19 to $90 - A Kmart dupe of the viral cup, a Sistema bottle, Frank Green, Hydro Flask and of course the all-important Stanley.

Hiring the expertise of Ryan from Reel FX, we put all five drink bottles into an industrial kiln to replicate the temperatures of what Dani’s car would have reached in her original video.

Ryan suspected the temperature reached up to 300 degrees Celsius.

Of course to have an accurate result each bottle was filled with 15 ice cubes. With the fire lit, it was officially time to put the Stanley to the test.

Within 5 minutes the bottles began dripping from their plastic lids, paint melted down - there was surely no chance of ice surviving… or was there?

Check out the full test and see which drink bottle came out on top here: 

As you can see there was no chance of any of the five drink bottles staying intact after reaching those scorching temperatures, but much to our absolute surprise ice did survive the fire. 

And the official results are:

  1. Frank Green - 13 ice cubes  (only losing two to the fire).
  2. Hydro Flask - 11 ice cubes.
  3. Sistema - 11 ice cubes.
  4. Stanley Cup - 7 ice cubes.
  5. Kmart dupe - 1 ice cube.