‘I shot my shot’: Kiwi DJ Messie spills on her ‘blossoming friendship’ with Fred Again
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‘I shot my shot’: Kiwi DJ Messie spills on her ‘blossoming friendship’ with Fred Again

Imagine your first adult trip overseas is to open for FRED AGAIN!!

Kiwi DJ Messie has blown the socks off Fred Again, so much so, she's landed an UNREAL opportunity to open for him in Australia on the weekend.

Tessa Hills, AKA Messie, is a 21-year-old Wellington-based artist who opened for the British DJ at his gig at Coroglen Tavern on Monday night.

Since then the two have formed a "beautiful blossoming friendship" with Fred going out of his way to make sure Messie is getting the recognition she deserves for her incredible talent.

SOURCE: @fredagainagainagainagainagain on Instagram

Talking to our very own Edge Breakfast crew this morning, Tessa said the last few days have been “a dream”.

In case you haven’t been following Fred’s every move on Insta like the rest of NZ, he put out an open form for Kiwi DJs to put forward their work for the chance to open for the UK DJ at his surprise pop-up show.

“I shot my shot so hard, I sent [Fred] a DM, but he didn’t reply,” she explained.

But by a stroke of luck, Fred opened up a Google form for Kiwi DJs to submit their work for their chance to open and Messie was straight on to it!

“I submitted a mix through his Instagram story where he was looking for local DJs,” she explained. “They really liked it, but they hadn’t made the connection that I had actually already played with Joy Anonymous.”

If you wanna hear our full chat with the incredibly talented Messie  you can listen here:

This trip to Australia to close out Fred’s tour down under will be Messie’s first trip overseas since she was a child.

Although she did have some trouble trying to organise a passport last minute, the power of Fred reaching out via his Insta stories got the job done. Messie WILL be boarding that plane and taking her talent international.

SOURCE: @fredagainagainagainagainagain on Instagram

“He’s actually the real deal, just the sweetest guy,” Messie described Fred. “He goes out of his way to make everyone feel comfortable and I feel we’ve actually got a sweet little friendship blossoming.”

It’s incredible to see homegrown talent be recognised by a MAJOR artist in the scene and we know Messie is going to smash it over in Perth.

HUGE things are happening for you gal and we’ll be cheering you along the whole way!