Would you scalp Taylor Swift tickets for $1000?
Or would the guilt eat you alive?
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The Edge Breakfast

Would you scalp a Taylor Swift ticket for $1000?

Or would the guilt eat you alive?

Tickets to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Melbourne went on sale today, and The Edge Breakfast wanted to know - would you buy a ticket NOT to go to the show, but purely to resell at a higher price to make some money?

Meg didn't believe people would do this intentionally, but then we got an anonymous person (fake named "Taylor") who said that if she got tickets, she was planning on selling them at a much higher price to make a profit.

What side of the fence are you on, on this matter? If you could sell a $150 ticket for $1000, would you? Or would you be crippled with guilt because you're a #goodperson?