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'I just showed Jack Black my ass': Yep, Dan literally mooned Jack Black and got him to rate it

"It's shapely. You know what, it's cute."

We were lucky enough to chat to the man, the myth, the legend, Jack Black!

Jack was in studio to talk about his upcoming movie Kung Fu Panda 4, but we may've gotten a bit off track at some points during the chat, like when Dan ended up literally taking his pants off in studio to show Jack his ass. Let me explain.

Somewhere in the chat, Dan told Jack that he's been wanting to get into the ass stunt-double industry, after he's been told he's got 'the best ass in radio' (Meg has told him this... we're not sure how many others have.)

Dan wanted to see if it was a possibility to ever stunt double Jack's ass (lol), so he handed Jack a photo of his behind to get his thoughts.

"Holy crap-oli," was Jack's inital reaction to seeing the photo. "It's shapely. You know what, it's cute."

"You know I'm looking at it, I don't see anything wrong with this ass. There's no strawberries in that cream," Jack continued. 

Jack must've loved the photo so much, that he thought there was a chance it'd been touched up or edited. So, in Jack's words, "there's only one way to find out."

And Dan was more than happy to oblige, so he stood up and mooned Jack without any hesitation, to which Jack let out a huge laugh and told him he's got the job. Watch the moment below.

Just like we thought he'd be, Jack was such a fun time to be around. He loved the snacks we got him, talked about how much he loves Aotearoa, covered Jason Mamoa, the process of voicing Kung Fu Panda 4, played a couple games with us, and more. 

We covered heaps in the chat - have a watch of the full interview up top.