A worker tells us exactly why the viral Willy Wonka Experience got shut down and it sounds WILD
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A worker tells us exactly why the viral Willy Wonka Experience got shut down and it sounds WILD

From a lackluster set to kids crying from the 'unknown' it was truly tragic.

We've got the scoop on the crazy viral Willy Wonka immersive experience in Scotland that turned into an Oompa-Loompa-doopity-disaster.

Last weekend, police were called to a venue in Glasgow after loads of families who had spent hundreds on 'Willy's Chocolate Experience' left a lot less sweet than when they entered the event.

AI-generated adverts and posters hyped up the event as a magical chocolatey wonderland, but after paying around $70 NZD a pop for a ticket, event-goers were left incredibly disappointed.

Willy's Chocolate experience promised giant mushrooms, candy canes, and chocolate fountains, plus special audio and visual effects.

Turns out the set was giving a lot less Wonka and a lot more wonky… a concrete building with minimal props ended up with kids in hysteric tears, you have to see it for yourself.

This morning, The Edge Breakfast’s Clint and Meg spoke to Oompa Loompa actress Jen who worked for the event dubbed the 'children’s Fyre Festival'.

Jen revealed she was only hired last week with the impression that she’d been hired to dress as a character handing out sweets etc.

“It wasn’t like that at all,” she said. “There wasn’t a costume until the morning of, and we were handed an AI-generated script to learn.”

The script included a “fight with a robot and a villain crawling around the walls of the chocolate factory.”

That wasn’t the worst of it. A Willy Wonka experience is all about the chocolate factory and the sugar overload that it contains, right? But there was NO CHOCOLATE in sight.

Jen revealed she was instructed to only give out one singular jelly bean to people coming through the experience.

Apparently, many event-goers complained directly to her about the experience and some even demanded their money back.

The event obviously fell to pieces as the police were called to intervene.

“We were told by security that they were shutting it down,” Jen said. “There were concerns around safety so that’s when all the actors left.”

She revealed she had not been paid yet for the time she stood in this shoddy warehouse in an orange wig, copping the heat of the failed experience.

This might just go down as one of the worst jobs ever! What do you think?