MAFS AU Exclusive: Did Lucinda Light just admit her and Timothy Smith aren’t together?
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MAFS AU Exclusive: Did Lucinda Light just admit her and Timothy Smith aren’t together?

Are we delulu or did Lu just say that?

Did Lucinda Light just make a MAJOR slip up, revealing the fate of her and Timothy Smith’s relationship on ‘Married At First Sight’ AU?!

Joining The Edge Breakfast show this morning, Lucinda was asked if she would ever move to New Zealand.

“I love this country, it’s God’s country,” Lucinda said. “If I met a really… well, yeah maybe.”


We’re convinced she was about to say “...really nice man”. Try to tell us you didn’t follow the same path.

In an attempt to save her slip of the tongue, Lucinda continued: “If I met a really nice job opportunity or something like that.”

We have to admit, it was a good cover, but we know that all participants take on media training before being released for interviews.

If she had said what we thought she was getting at, she would have absolutely spoiled the rest of her journey through the experiment - which we imagine would be a HUGE no-no from the producers.

If you want to hear the full chat with MAFS Lucinda Light, listen to our poddy here:

Remember that it’s been a year since filming began for season 11, and a lot has happened since the reality show wrapped. 

I mean, it is possible that Lu and Tim make it out of the experiment a happy couple but don’t survive taking their relationship to the real world.

ICYMI - In last night’s episode, Lucinda openly admits that her on-screen marriage with Tim has been one of the rockiest of the season so far. 

But, after Tim faced some home truths in a chat with Lucinda’s dad, the two seemed to make great progress, backing each other against the Jack Dunkley, Tori Adams and Jayden Eynaud shit fight that blew up at last night’s dinner party.

Though there’s plenty of time for other cracks to show, I guess we’ll have to watch this space. Just know we are rooting for you two, Lucinda and Tim!!