Dan reveals that he's going to be a dad!
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'I never thought this would happen to me' Dan reveals that he's going to be a dad!

Daddy Dan has a pretty good ring to it...

The Edge Breakfast Podcast Fam got the surprise of their lives yesterday when Dan Webby revealed that he’s going to be a dad next year! He told Clint, Meg & Dan’s Only Fans podcast,

“I never thought I would do this and I never thought this would even happen to me but I’m really excited… Hanna’s pregnant.” 

The Edge Breakfast team was overwhelmed with joy at the news and Meg couldn’t help but scream from excitement! 

Dan shared that he wasn’t even sure if he was able to have kids before finding out that his wife Hanna was pregnant. 

“I tell you what, the most shocking thing was the day Hanna showed me the pregnancy test. We’d been trying for over a year…”

“I didn’t even know we could have kids!”

He told his co-hosts that his wife has had the perfect pregnancy so far and she’s been lucky enough to avoid morning sickness!

“She said unless she’d done the pregnancy test she doesn’t think she would’ve known she was pregnant until now that she’s starting to show.” 

Don’t be too quick to call Dan daddy though as he jokingly shared that he doesn’t want the pregnancy to define him.

“I’m more than just a dad…”

After exchanging hugs with the team, Dan confessed that he was telling his favourite podcast listeners before he’d even told the boss. 

“Well I felt like the people who listen to the Only Fans are like our true listeners and true friends…”

So if you’re keen to hear about Clint, Meg and Dan’s exciting life updates be sure to join The Edge Podcast Fam’s facebook page and listen to their Only Fans podcast! 

If that’s not a reason to listen to the Only Fans podcast I don’t know what is…

Congratulations to Dan and his incredible wife Hanna!