Billy McFarland tells us why Fyre Fest 2 is ACTUALLY going to work after that first disaster
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Billy McFarland tells us why Fyre Fest 2 is ACTUALLY going to work after that first disaster

"I'm back to make it right and repay everybody."

The most controversial festival in the world is back for Fyre Fest 2 and the man behind it all, Billy McFarland, has told us all about what went wrong and why it won't happen again.

After serving nearly four years of jail time for lying to investors and creating the most chaotic festival experience - if you can even call it that - Billy spoke to our very own Edge Breakfast team.

Why would anyone go to Fyre Festival 2 after last time?

“This time, there are festival companies who are actually in charge,” Billy revealed. “I am not in charge of setting up a tent this time, so I can come on here and have fun and do some marketing and do some cool adventure stuff there and make Fyre FYRE.”

In just under a year, Billy and his festival partners are promising a “three-day escape that you've always dreamed of but never kind of taken the plunge.”

“Give us a chance to create that moment that you talk about for the rest of your lives.”

Billy said: “It's going to be on an island. It's all about the adventure, the music, the comedy, the fashion, the sports.”

Why are they doing another Fyre Festival after the first catastrophe?

After the infamous Netflix doco was viewed around the world, it's no surprise people have their reservations when the words Fyre Fest get thrown around again.

But Billy reckons he has learned a lot from his mistakes the first time around and wants to “rebuild trust” and “make it right”.

If you want to hear Clint, Meg and Dan's full chat with Billy McFarland you can listen here:

“I served four years in jail from Fyre Festival 1 and [I’m] back to make it right and repay everybody,” Billy said. “It's also trying to rebuild the trust and also deliver on the first dream of Fyre 1 to a few thousand people.”

He added it’s also about showing “what happens when people come together and go through these adventures and what kind of relationships you form and connect with people.”

“I want to prove to them that concept is actually like real.”

People to this day are still talking about Fyre Fest 1, and that’s the key to success if done correctly with this attempt at redemption.

“Whether it was totally bad or totally good or something in between that was, it was a monumental moment in their life,” Billie added. “And there is something to that if we do it correctly.”

Can New Zealanders go to Fyre Fest 2?

Billy revealed any Kiwi keen on heading to the revamped festival can. You just have to make your own way to Miami and they’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll hook you up with the tickets and flights over to Miami and from there, you’re in the hands of what could be the best festival in the world…

NOTE: As per our T&Cs we won’t be held liable if it all turns to sh*t while you’re over there.

Worth taking the risk? That’s up to you!

According to Billy: “[you’ll] stay on the festival grounds. It actually will be glamping luxury camping this time for the three-day weekend.”

“There's comedy, there's sports, there's different arts going on. So yeah, it's kind of a fun weekend where. mostly adventure with like the music and entertainment as a backdrop throughout all the adventure.”

While there’s no location set in stone or headline acts announced as of yet, Billy has already confirmed their pre-sale tickets have sold out.

For more information on how you can win your way to Fyre Fest 2, click HERE!