We surprised the Kiwi sisters who got robbed in their hotel room after Taylor Swift's Eras Tour
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We surprised the Kiwi sisters who got robbed in their hotel room after Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

We hope the thief gets their KARMA!

Two Kiwi sisters had a rough night during their Sydney trip to catch Taylor Swift's 'Eras Tour' last month after they were robbed in the middle of the night.

Jess and Hayley McLellan, along with their sister Morgan and her husband, were living it up at the concert, but things took the worst possible turn back as they hit the hay at the hotel.

When they woke up, the Swiftie sisters realised a thief had snuck into their hotel room while they slept.

(left) Hayley, (middle) Jess and (right)Morgan

Talking to Edge Breakfast's Clint, Meg, and Dan, the sisters explained how it went down and shared what was swiped in the night.

“Our door had been opened, and our things had been taken out of our room,” Jess said. “The type of hotel that it was, the door to the outside wasn’t locked, so when we got back from the concert, we just walked on in.”

They shrugged off the weirdness at the time, blaming it on being wiped out from the concert.

“CCTV caught someone trying some of the door handles, and ours just happened to open,” they explained.

If you want to hear our full chat with Hayley and Jess listen here:

Both the girls’ phones were pinched, along with Jess's bag containing bank cards and cash.

To make matters worse, the thief returned the “trifled-through” bag back to their hotel room door with all of the stuff they didn’t want - how kind… not!

We felt terrible that the girls were left without their phones, so we reached out to Smiths City & Oppo to arrange an epic surprise for the sisters.

The girls are no longer phoneless after they so kindly helped us hook the sisters up with shiny new OPPO Find X5 Pro smartphones.

Taylor Swift's crew caught wind of the dilemma and chipped in too, sweetening the deal with some 'Eras Tour’ merch.

Kitted out with their new gadgets and a couple of shirts, the sisters are ready to shake off the bad vibes, and something tells me they’ll be extra vigilant about locking doors from now on.