MAFS AU: Details of Jack Dunkley And Tori Adams' Alleged OnlyFans Pact Have Left Us Shooketh
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MAFS AU: Details of Jack Dunkley And Tori Adams' Alleged OnlyFans Pact Have Left Us Shooketh

Literally no one is asking for this!

In the strangest news we’ve heard today, MAFS AU’s Jack Dunkley and his on-screen wifeTori Adams apparently have a pact to stay together for adult OF opportunities.

One contestant has come out swinging with claims their on-screen relationship is "all fake" and the two are only staying together "to make money" after the show wraps.

Despite not having been intimate with each other during their marriage in the experiment, the couple reckon they're at the top of the MAFS "food chain" and have some intense sexual chemistry…ahem, where?

Throughout the whole of season 11, the group, experts and us at home have been scratching our heads as to why the two have gone through so much controversy and are still stuck by each other's side.

Let’s not forget the secret girlfriend Jack DUMPED to land his spot on the show, his inappropriate bum touch and kiss on the neck with Sara Messa as well as Jack’s body shaming toward Tristan Black during the group retreat.

Welp, it turns out another contestant on the show told So Dramatic! Jack and Tori allegedly have a secret pact to pursue a career in the adult entertainment biz.

The anonymous contestant dished: “They’re staying together to get media opportunities after the show. They want to do OnlyFans.”

“Tori openly told some of the other brides that she wanted to do it after MAFS because you can make a tonne of money on there,” they added.

“Sadly, if they did do OnlyFans, they would make a lot of money because everyone would sign up to hate-watch out of curiosity.” Sheesh, someone had to say it!

I can’t help but think this might be due to the lack of influencer opportunities the contestants have walked away with this season. 

Both Tori (34k) and Jack (19k) currently have a minuscule amount of followers compared to fan-fave golden gal Lucinda Light who currently has the highest social following with 169k.

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I mean, other contestants have also dished to So Dramatic! that Tori had always set out to “make money after the show.”

“That’s why some of the brides eventually backed off, and stopped caring about what Jack was doing to her and stopped trying to get her to see the light,” the participant said.

Another added: “The fact that Tori’s still with Jack knowing everything he’s done, including cheating on her, proves she doesn’t care because it’s all fake anyway.”

So, does this mean we are going to have to put up with more chaos from Jack and Tori’s marriage till the final vows? And will they start pushing an OF account soon? Only time will tell!