MAFS AU: Tristan Black is 'ticked off' Jack Dunkley leaked their private 'whale' apology texts
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MAFS AU: Tristan Black is 'ticked off' Jack Dunkley leaked their private 'whale' apology texts

“Are you actually sorry for calling me fat...?"

MAFS AU’s Tristan Black is ‘ticked off’ at Jack Dunkley for leaking their private text conversation after THAT horrendous ‘whale’ comment, and he’s not letting it slide any longer.

ICYMI -  Jack made the horrendous comment ‘the whales are here’ while the couples were lounging around the pool in their togs during the group retreat trip.

Jack later apologised(ish) to Tristan who has honestly shared issues about his self-image by giving him a gift card to buy weight loss supplements and a cross keyring etched with ‘you are enough’.

While Tristan - and only Tristan - initially took Jack’s apology and gifts as a sweet gesture, the fact that Jack has gone OTT in making sure everyone knows he was let off the hook has left Tristan wondering if it was all just to benefit the controversial groom’s public image.

According to So Dramatic!, Tristan’s leaked text read: “Just wanted to say thank you so much for the cross and the gift card.” 

“Also, wanted to say you’re a really amazing person, and I know Tori [Adams] sees that,” he continued.

“We’re really proud of you on how you take on the challenges. I really hope you have a great weekend. Love you guys, [from] T-Bear.”

In a recent interview with Hit Network’s Bronte & Lakey, Tristan aired his frustration with his private convo being made SUPER public.

“We were good… I just wanted to move on from the conversation,” he began.

“The only reason I’m a bit upset with Jack now is that he actually leaked some private messages,” Tristan added. “I’m like, ‘You didn’t even ask my permission or anything like that.’”

He added: “We’re all human, we all make mistakes, but it just kind of ticked me off a bit.”

“If you were actually sorry, you would just learn to cop it”.

“Are you actually sorry for calling me fat, or are you just doing it to make yourself look better?” And that right there, is the the golden question!

As we have seen from this season's chaotic drama, the experts aren’t putting up with any crap and we can’t wait to see what they’ll throw Jack’s way at the upcoming commitment ceremony. Bring it ON!