MAFS AU: Jack Dunkley's PT client claims they were body shamed after THAT 'whale' comment aired
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MAFS AU: Jack Dunkley's PT client claims they were body shamed after THAT 'whale' comment aired

"Exactly what you see on TV is exactly what he is like in real life."

After Jack Dunkley's terrible 'whale' comment was called out by the rest of the MAFS AU participants, a former client of Jack has come forward with their own 'sh**' experience with the personal trainer.

ICYMI - Jack was confronted by Timothy Smith for declaring ‘the whales are here’ while the cast was lounging around the pool in their togs during the retreat trip in Byron Bay.

Knowing that Tristan Black has openly and honestly shared his issues with his self-image, the rest of the couples were disgusted that a comment of the sort would be made.

Of course, Jack tried to play it off as 'banter', but as we know from Jack's offering up of his wife to other grooms earlier in the season, his 'banter' doesn't exactly land for his intended audience - or anyone at all!

Since the episode, one MAFS fan took to a Facebook group to ask any clients of the personal trainer how they felt after watching that episode.

SOURCE: Facebook

Lo and behold, one gym-goer has come forward to say they are not shocked by Jack's behaviour and shared some allegations of their own interaction with the trainer.

"I did about eight sessions with him back in 2022, and the more I did, the less I liked him," they began.

"He seemed like an absolute tool. The way he talked about women and the way he looked at himself in the mirror constantly."

They added: "The final straw for me was a comment he made that made me feel like sh*t about myself and the way I look."

As one would, the former gym-goer revealed that they "ended up paying out [their] gym membership" to avoid bumping into him again.

"Exactly what you see on TV is exactly what he is like in real life."

SOURCE: Facebook

Although Jack's on-screen wife Tori Adams initially stood up against Jack's behaviour, suggesting it was unacceptable, she has since backtracked - here we go!

In an interview with Hit Queensland’s Bronte & Lakey, Tori blamed the heat of the comments on Jack having "a really big target on his back".

Uhm, there may just be a reason for that, and I think we’ve run out of fingers to count why….

Tori reckons: "The people saying that they were there when he said it wasn't actually there. They weren't even at the pool at the time, they were inside."

"I think people’s memories are quite fuzzy."

"And like I said, when someone’s got a target on their back, their memories all of a sudden come back, and they can recall what was said, when it was said and who it was said to."

Yeah, I don’t think comments like that turn into fuzzy memories. I mean, Jack’s client seems to remember their alleged interactions pretty darn well too!

I want to know how the experts will weigh in while face-to-face with Jack at the next commitment ceremony. I know John Aiken won’t take any crap!

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