MAFS AU 2024: Ellie and Jono's mates are beefing with Lauren on Instagram and OOF it's nasty

MAFS AU 2024: Ellie and Jono's mates are beefing with Lauren on Instagram and OOF it's nasty

Lauren was having NONE of it!

MAFS AU’s Ellie Dix and Jonathan McCullough‘s mates are beefing with Lauren Dunn online after she urged people to stop attacking them.

ICYMI - Lauren was completely blindsided as Jono and Ellie walked into the reunion dinner party flaunting their relationship.

Jono insisted prior to final vows that there was NOTHING between him and Ellie, despite having messaged her hundreds of times during the experiment behind Lauren’s back. 

After copping LOADS of hate from heated fans, Lauren took to Instagram to defend Ellie, urging people to stop “harassing and bullying” Ellie at her workplace.

What’s that thing about the pot calling the kettle? Yeah, it seems despite Lauren having Ellie’s back and calling out online trolls, Ellie's friends are now the ones doing the trolling.

One of the nasty comments was left by Jono’s mates under a post on the MAFS official Instagram page, claiming Lauren had a secret boyfriend during the show.

“You guys going to mention how [Lauren] had a [boyfriend] while applying [for MAFS] and was also dating a fella in Bali the whole time filming was happening?” they wrote.

“I hope you show the scene where she calls Jono a c**t and a dog.” YIKES.

Another commented a bunch of hand raising emojis, backing up the claim.

SOURCE: @mafs on Instagram

But Lauren being the fiery gal we know she is, wasn’t having any of it.

“I didn’t apply like your mate Jono; I was scouted because I was single,” she clapped back. “I hope they show me call him every single insult.”

MAFS Insta has now turned off all comments on their posts, so it must have been a battlefield in there.

An inside source close to Lauren told So Dramatic! “Lauren started noticing Jono and Ellie’s friends leaving horrible comments about her online. Which is rich, because Lauren’s been telling people to stop trolling them.”

“Given how Lauren was treated by Jono and Ellie on the show, it was admirable that she was willing to put it all in the past and move on,” they added.

Ellie’s bestie Tahli Passeri chimed in, writing: “LOL all you idiots saying [Ellie’s] a snake… Lauren KNEW [Ellie and Jonathan] were speaking because there was NO cheating scandal.”

“Jono reached out to Ellie to ask how she was after the experiment. Everything said between then has been above board, and they never met up until AFTER the show finished airing," she added.

Looks like it isn’t all water under the bridge. What more is to come of this ongoing beef?!