MAFS AU 2024 is refusing to air Jack Dunkley's nude picture scandal with his ex  - here's why
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MAFS AU 2024 is refusing to air Jack Dunkley's nude picture scandal with his ex - here's why

“It was a massive part of all the drama on the show."

A scandal involving Jack Dunkley allegedly sharing his ex’s nude photos with his ‘Married at First Sight AU’ co-stars has been completely axed from the show due to serious legal reasons. 

According to So Dramatic!, Jack is said to have shown the intimate snaps of his ex, Courtney Jade with two other grooms during a workout. 

“Jack showed naked photos of his ex Courtney to Jonathan McCullough and Tim Calwell in the gym,” one 2024 participant told the outlet.

“Jack was boasting to the boys about how hot his ex is and how he tapped that," they claimed.

Yes, the same gym where he also is said to have told Tim that Sara Messa is the hottest wife and the same gym where he supposedly claimed he wasn’t sexually attracted to his on-screen wife Tori Adams…

“Courtney’s privacy was fully violated. I feel so sorry for her. It was disgraceful. Absolutely cooked behaviour.”

Channel Nine has since reportedly scrapped the ENTIRE storyline from the season due to ‘defamation’ concerns.

An insider claims the network is “legally unable to air [the nude photo scandal] as it would have been defamatory to Courtney“.

The 2024 participant said it’s a “shame” considering it was apparently a “huge storyline” and “a massive part of all the drama on the show”.

They said: “Jack would have looked like an absolute pig if he had of been exposed for what he did to Courtney.”

At the end of the day, Courtney is not the one who signed up for MAFS, yet she’s been in the thick of some of the most cooked drama to have come out of this season.

Earlier in the season, Courtney was revealed to be the woman behind Jack’s ‘secret girlfriend’ scandal, later revealing that Jack dumped her and lied about moving overseas for work when he was really landing his spot on the show.

Earlier this month, Courtney claimed she and Jack were sleeping together DURING the experiment

“When he says he’s into his wife but he comes home and sleeps with me and proceeds to break my heart again,” Courtney wrote in an Instagram story. “I shouldn’t have done it but I did not know the disrespect or outcome of this show.



Will this be the final time we hear about Jack’s cooked behaviour with his ex? Probably not, but honestly it’s probably the best move MAFS producers have made all season.