MAFS AU Jack Dunkley's ex has come out SWINGING with claims they slept together during the show
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MAFS AU Jack Dunkley's ex has come out SWINGING with claims they slept together during the show

Itimacy is a touchy subject when it comes to Jack's MAFS experience....

Married At First Sight AU’s ‘alpha male’ (ahem) controversial groom Jack Dunkley is not in the clear from his ex-girlfriend Courtney Jade just yet. 

In fact, she’s come out all guns blazing with claims the two exes slept together during Jack’s on-screen marriage to Tori Adams.

Welp, this has thrown a right spanner in the works… especially with all the speculation around why Jack and Tori aren’t getting intimate during the experiment. 

In an Insta story, Courtney made a bold claim that while Jack was adamant he was attracted to Tori on the show, behind the scenes was a totally different story. She alleged he was actually sneaking around with her, HIS EX!!

SOURCE: @courtjadey on Instagram

“When he says he’s into his wife but he comes home and sleeps with me and proceeds to break my heart again,” Courtney wrote. “I shouldn’t have done it but I did not know the disrespect or outcome of this show.

“Lessons were learnt ... Tori knows and doesn’t care so enjoy my seconds.”

In an earlier post to her Insta stories, Courtney wrote #friendswithbenefits asking if Jack 'looked at Tori' the same way as he looks at her in the image of the exes cozied up on a bed.

Ooft, that’s A LOT to unpack. What I’d like to know is why Courtney has held on to this info for this long, considering she has already called Jack out for dumping her to land his spot on the show.

Courtney wrote to The Wash that she was led to believe Jacob had called it quits with her because he was moving overseas for a job.


“Breaks up with me right after I met his family and he told me he loves me,” she began.

“The world we live in disgusts me,” she added. “I’d been driving myself crazy for a month wondering why everything was so shady [when he ended it]. Good luck to his new wife.”

“I know myself, I’ve been crazy and will own that,” she wrote in another Insta post. “My mental health has suffered due to being completely blindsided and losing my best friend to a reality TV show.”

Courtney continued: “Jack has never tried to break up with me, and our relationship was becoming quite serious (hence why I went to Melbourne with him a week before we split).”

“I’m just telling my side of the story as what has happened here has been horrible… I wouldn’t wish this on you or anyone else. I most certainly deserved the respect of the truth,” she added.

With no clarity on the situation and allegedly being messed around by Jack before and during the show, I’d say it’s pretty clear that Courtney has a burning fire to expose the eff out of his behaviour.

I just love that it’s all coming out with the plotline of the show!