'Harassed and abused': MAFS AU's Jack Dunkley takes legal action against his ex Courtney Jade
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'Harassed and abused': MAFS AU's Jack Dunkley takes legal action against his ex Courtney Jade

Jack says he has "over 5,000 receipts worth" of "abuse" from Courtney.

MAFS AU 2024’s most controversial groom Jack Dunkley has been granted a temporary protection order against his ex-girlfriend Courtney Jade due to intense "verbal harassment".

Daily Mail Australia reports that Jack made a request for the order on March 7.

A temporary protection order is typically issued while the court assesses whether to introduce a formal domestic violence order.

Court documents obtained by the outlet confirm a hearing has been postponed until April 18.

According to the order, Courtney “must be of good behaviour towards the aggrieved and not commit domestic violence against the aggrieved”.

She is not able to have any contact with Jack, make negative comments about him online, or be within 100 meters of him, except for when it comes to their court appearances. 

Jack has spoken out about why he went ahead with the order.

In a statement issued to media, Jack said he was "verbally harassed and abused via text messages, phone calls, voicemails and emails" since the day he ended the relationship, claiming he had "over 5,000 receipts worth".

“Post filming… the severity of the communications I was receiving from Courtney only intensified.”

He added: “I had only known Courtney for 3/4 months from our very first encounter to the day I ended our relationship.”

“Given the nature of the unrelentless communication and trolling online, I deemed it necessary to seek advice and file for a protection order for myself and my loved ones.”

Jack finished by saying this would be the first and only time he speaks on the situation.

Fans are heated over this new development, and let's just say, it’s not boding well for the MAFS star. 

“His way of keeping her silent or she breaches it,” said one fan of the show.

Jack's relationship with Courtney has been heavily discussed on Married At First Sight after she claimed he lied and dumped her to land his spot on the show.

Courtney wrote to The Wash that she was led to believe Jacob had broken up with her because he was moving overseas for a job.

Another fan wrote: “He might have this but she’s got him by the balls for revenge p so jacky boy wants to play buckle up.”

“Jack showed naked photos of his ex Courtney to Jonathan McCullough and Tim Calwell in the gym,” one 2024 participant told So Dramatic!.

“Jack was boasting to the boys about how hot his ex is and how he tapped that," they claimed.


Another fan of the reality show is stumped on why the sudden protection order has been arranged, asking: “Didn’t he sleep with her after filming ended though? 🧐.”

Earlier this month, Courtney dropped an absolute bombshell claiming she and Jack had been sleeping together DURING the experiment.

“When he says he’s into his wife but he comes home and sleeps with me and proceeds to break my heart again,” Courtney wrote. “I shouldn’t have done it but I did not know the disrespect or outcome of this show.”

Courtney has not yet made any comments on the protection order.