'Get past it': MAFS NZ's Mike reveals shock feelings about Kara not being attracted to him
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'Get past it': MAFS NZ's Mike reveals shock feelings about Kara not being attracted to him

The first bombshell has dropped and Mike is spilling it all!

Is ‘MAFS New Zealand Mike Wilson truly worried about his on-screen wife Kara Lester admitting she’s not physically attracted to him? 

The latest drama on ‘MAFS NZ 2024 is serving tea hotter than ever, and we need all the deets on Kara's shocking confession this week.

At the group honeymoon get-together, Kara opened up to Mike, saying, “For me, I’m just not there physically yet.”

Admitting he’s not her “usual type”, Kara revealed she was struggling to allow their connection to grow closer. 

But how does Mike feel about this revelation? Chatting to Edge Breakfast, the groom surprisingly revealed he “wasn’t shocked” by the confession. 

Appearing unphased, Mike believed it was a natural hurdle to face when marrying a total stranger - ‘cause that’s a normal occurrence, right?!

“You don’t know what’s going to happen, maybe the attraction isn’t the first thing but let’s go to a deeper level,” he said. 

“If you can get past the physical attributes, I’m a pretty awesome person.”

Although it was a bit of a bummer, Mike appreciated Kara’s honesty.

While Kara was questioning her attraction to Mike she also grew concerned whether her on-screen hubby might be using the TV gig to promote his supplement brand rather than seeking the real deal when it comes to love.

It's no secret many past contestants of the reality dating series have tried for their 15 minutes of fame, but Mike insists he's there for love and the promotion is just an added bonus. 

On whether he's concerned he'll cop a bad edit, Mike reckons he's got NOTHING to worry about. 

“How I show up in life is how I show up everywhere,” he said.

“I’m not worried about what I say because I don’t talk badly about people, I don’t put people down and I know who I am very well.”

“In every situation, I’m going to be my authentic self.”

Taking the experts' advice seriously was also a significant part of Mike's journey. “I learned to take the experts' advice because I was there for that, and I really wanted it.”

As the season continues, Mike says we can expect to see more of the push-and-pull dynamics between him and Kara.

Both of them haven’t lived with their romantic partners before, which he reckons “adds another layer of complexity” to their relationship.

The next episode of MAFS NZ is on ThreeNow this Sunday. We can't wait to see if Mike and Kara will leap over these hurdles as they head deeper into the experiment.