MAFS NZ 2024 experts spill to us about not one but TWO 'villains' to watch out for
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MAFS NZ 2024 experts spill to us about not one but TWO 'villains' to watch out for

John even dishes on his exes hitting up his DMs

Married At First Sight New Zealand is back on our screens this weekend, and we can't wait to see if it’s going to be as WILD as the Aussie version.

If you thought this season would be drama free, think again! Turns out, we might have not one, but two villains causing chaos.

Before diving into the “I do’s”, Edge Breakfast caught up with the show’s experts John Aitken and Jo Robertson to get the early scoop on what to expect.

“It’s not as dramatic - the New Zealand version - but I do think there a lot of humour and heart that goes into this one,” John compared the Kiwi version to across the ditch.

The biggest difference? Our Kiwi participants actually “like each other,” according to John.

Despite having fewer couples than our Aussie neighbours, John assures us there's no shortage of juicy moments that’ll leave us shook.

“There are at least two [participants] that you can tear your hair out about,” he revealed.

Will any of the brides or grooms with rumoured pasts in acting or influencing turn out to be the troublemakers? Only time will tell!

Jo Robertson chimed in about the brides, promising a season full of bold and outspoken women - classic Kiwi gals, obvi!

 “If they felt like we were off, they were NOT having it,” she said.

In a quick-fire 'cheating or not cheating' game, John spilled on his exes from as long as 20 years ago sliding into his DMs after watching recent seasons of the show. 

He told the Edge Breakfast crew he would NOT engage with any previous flings out of respect for his wifey.

"I tell my wife straight away! I don't get back to them," John said.

If only he was a potential match for the ladies - we stan a respectful king.

Woah, MAFS NZ is gearing up to be a wild ride, and we are here for it! The countdown is on to see who gets matched with whom this Sunday.