'All have a truth': MAFS NZ's Kara tells followers where she stands after 'operation Mike drop'

'All have a truth': MAFS NZ's Kara tells followers where she stands after 'operation Mike drop'

"When you feel something is wrong, it usually is."

MAFS NZ’s Kara Lester has shared where she stands with Mike Wilson after her bombshell of a final vow which she is referring to as “operation Mike drop”.

Right after the episode aired, Kara hopped onto her Instagram stories, reminding everyone she knows her worth. - something she claimed to forget while in the experiment.

“The beauty of loving yourself and knowing your worth, is knowing when you deserve better,” she wrote in a thank you to her followers who watched her journey.

SOURCE: @kara_lesterr on Instagram

In a follow-up post, she continued: “I still have a smile on my face and my head held high.”

“This Journey wasn’t easy. We all have a truth and I’m pleased to have spoken mine.”

ICYMI - Facing her on-screen hubby Mike Wilson in final vows, Kara laid all five weeks of her frustrations out in the open. 

“I’m disappointed in myself for forgetting my worth and what I bring to the table,” Kara began.

While she admitted that her doubts about Mike's true intentions kept her from getting to know him better, she knew she was doing the right thing in trusting her gut.

“Because when you feel something is wrong, it usually is,” she added.

Kara didn't hold back, calling out the difference between Mike's camera persona and what he was like IRL.

“I also believe that what you present to the cameras is not always a true representation of how you feel and what is going on behind closed doors.” 

“I came into this willing to compromise for love, but the compromise here is far too high for this to ever work,” she continued. 

Kara left Mike with nothing but well wishes. 

And while Kara didn’t seem to find her romantic true love on the show, she has made it very known that instead, she made an absolute bestie out of fellow bride Steph Archer.