MAFS NZ: Kara fumes over Mike's 'fake' feelings exposed in secret text from another husband
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MAFS NZ: Kara fumes over Mike's 'fake' feelings exposed in secret text from another husband

"I’m just so confused, I don’t get it.”

 Last night’s MAFS NZ 2024 gals and guys nights left one bride questioning if her hubby was "faking," leading to an explosive showdown over their lack of attraction.

ICYMI - It's week four of the experiment and the final commitment ceremony is already creeping up.

During the guys' night out in last night’s ep, Mike dropped the bomb that he doesn’t feel a “strong sexual urge” towards his wife Kara.


This comes after Kara already had a hard chat earlier in the season, admitting she’s not feeling the spark with Mike either.

“Kara hangs her hat on certain things, like, I know she really hates my beard,” he admitted, realising Beardgate is real.

But the real bombshell dropped as fellow bride Samantha Best showed Kara a text she got, spilling all the tea about Mike’s lack of attraction.

“He’s quite fake,” Sam said. “James said not to say anything, but…” she added, refusing to disrespect girl code.

“That’s so f**king interesting,” Kara gasped reading the message.

Sam, being a top-tier friend, tried to reassure her: “Don’t take it personally, because it’s wound-licking.”

Things got tense the next morning as perhaps a little bit of hangxiety kicked in and left Mike wondering who snitched… *cough cough* JAMES!

“Last night I found out Mike’s been telling people he’s not attracted to me,” Kara says in a confessional, sounding even more pissed than the night before.

“To hear last night after he tells me I’m beautiful to my face that he’s telling everyone that he’s not attracted to me, I’m just so f**king confused, I don’t get it.”

So what better way to call him out than over breakfast in the kitchen?

“Your feelings don’t feel genuine to me,” Kara goes in.

“I’m damned if I do, and I’m damned if I don’t,” he fires back. “I don’t know what you’re creating here, like what is this?”

“WHAT IS THIS MIKE!” Kara cranks up the volume. “I feel like you are not genuine and you’re hiding behind a big persona and nothing has felt real to me, this whole time, I don’t know where to go from here.”

And as the saying goes, if you can’t handle the heat… get the heck outta the kitchen. So, Mike did just that and left the chat.

With not a helluva lot of time left in the experiment we’re struggling to hold out hope for some of the couples. Who will make it to the final vows?!