MAFS AU expert John Aitken responds to NZ groom's claim the show 'takes advantage' of people
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MAFS AU expert John Aitken responds to NZ groom's claim the show 'takes advantage' of people

Are villain edits really planned behind the scenes?!

Married At First Sight's John Aitken has set the record straight on wild claims the show 'takes advantage' of contestants and creates ‘villain edits’.

with MAFS AU set to return to Kiwi screens on Monday night, Aitken joined our very own Edge Breakfast show to spill some juicy details about all the behind-the-scenes goss from the dating show. 

Last month, former 'MAFS' NZ groom Jonathan Trenberth shared his heated opinion on the reality series to Insta. 

"Please take it from me, there are no winners on this show. Do not do it, I’m begging you,” he pleaded to Kiwis considering signing up for the upcoming NZ version.

“There are literally people hired for the show to get information from you, about you, and use it against you."

Jonathan added: “They will take advantage of you and convince you it’s your fault for signing the contract."

Aitken told us he didn’t see it that way, responding: “I don’t know his specific experience, but what I will say in general because I do know the Aussie experience is that we don’t believe in a villain edit and a hero edit.”

“What we do is we put them in the experiment and then we watch what they do and say and we put that to air.”

He added: What you’re hearing from a lot of the people when they come out in the press and say ‘That’s not me, that’s the edit’, they’re choosing to do and say those things. They’re making poor choices”

We’re all aware these kinds of reality shows create pressure cooker situations that can bring out the worst version of a contestant when that’s not who they really are outside of the experiment.

However, John reckons it’s on the contestant to view it how they want - some realise their mistakes and apologise for it, others will blame the experiment and the show for the way they’ve come across on telly.

On the upcoming MAFS AU season, John spilled: “We put forward what [contestants] say or do and you’ll see this year in series 11, there’s some things that a couple of people do right throughout which will shock you.”

Hmm sounds like there might be a few ‘villain edit’ claims to come from this season, what explosive drama are we about to witness?!