From WILD sex-fessions to reiki on a guinea pig: 'MAFS NZ' ep 1 gave us 5 shocking af moments
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What's Good

From WILD sex-fessions to reiki on a guinea pig: 'MAFS NZ' ep 1 gave us 5 shocking af moments

I'll never look at a nose the same...

Married At First Sight New Zealand is back, and last night’s premiere did not disappoint. We met the Kiwi brides and grooms ready to say ‘I do’ during a hens and stags do that left our jaws on the floor.

Idk what I was expecting, but it was NOT a whole lot of sex-fessions and reiki on a guinea pig - yep, we’ll get into it!

ICYMI - We were introduced to Madeleine Gilbert, Samantha Best, Steph Archer, Kara Lester, Mike Wilson, Nathan Drury, James Hunt and Piripi Clarke.

They’ll all be guided through their newlywed journeys by relationship expert John Aitken and sex therapist Jo Robertson.

Getting to know the Kiwis delving into a blind marriage, we learnt a LOT about their, ahem, sexual preferences and what they’re looking for in a partner. 


MAFS NZ Sex-fessions

Let’s just say the sex talk escalated quickly. The brides started comparing a man’s size downstairs to the size of their nose.

Mmm, it’s safe to say we’ll never view a nose the same, thanks, Maddie and Kara! 

Getting more than we bargained for, the grooms had a TMI moment of their own when Mike shared his, um, unique 'superpower' of holding on to his bodily fluids.

Moving swiftly along…

Madeleine Gilbert doing Reiki on a guinea pig

Maddie surprised us all by revealing she’s an energy intuitive who practices reiki. But the real star was Elliot, the guinea pig, who got his own reiki session. 

MAFS NZ Grooms' breathing exercise

Watching the grooms do breathing exercises was more awkward than calming at first. Thankfully, Piripi saved the moment with a joke about feeling a tingle in his toes after a few drinks. Classic Kiwi humour at its best.

Mike Wilson's Fur Coat

Auctioneer Mike’s fluffy coat and bedazzled glasses were NOT sold on me. He was giving Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’ video and that was soooo 2012…

MAFS experts say there are two contestants to look out for this season and tbh, Mike, your fashion choices are suss -  All eyes are on you!

Kara Lester is looking for a giant groom on MAFS NZ

Did you know Kara is 6 foot?! I’m not quite sure she told us all…

Admitting she’s most likely dated every man over 6”2 in Christchurch Kara is on the hunt, hoping her hubby is a lengthy man (pun not intended). 

I wonder if he’ll come with a fur coat and bedazzled glasses too?!

The episode finished with a friggin JUICY teaser for the upcoming season AND if the tears and tension are anything to go by we’re hooked for the drama.