MAFS AU: Jack Dunkley's ex Courtney Jade says he spent 'an hour apologising' for nude pic leak
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MAFS AU: Jack Dunkley's ex Courtney Jade says he spent 'an hour apologising' for nude pic leak

She now intends to take legal action of her own against Jack AND Channel Nine.

‘Married At First Sight’ AU 2024: Jack Dunkley‘s ex-girlfriend Courtney Jade is taking legal action of her own against the controversial groom and Aussie’s Channel Nine network after alleged nude photos were shared around the cast.

Last week, word got out that Nine had to chop off a whole storyline from MAFS season 11 due to some legal mess.

It was said that Jack shared intimate snaps of Courtney with Jonathan McCullough and Tim Calwell in the gym.

An insider spilled to So Dramatic!, "Jack was going on and on about how hot his ex is and how he 'tapped that.'"

Courtney, on the other hand, found out about the photo debacle on her 26th birthday and Jack “spent an hour on the phone apologising.”

She told the So Dramatic! podcast Jack: “lead me to believe he wanted to fix things with me”.

“He told me he couldn’t be with me or anyone for that matter as he wanted to focus on his media career, and he said I would jeopardise this for him.”

“I don’t believe anything he says now,” she said. “Everything he said to me has been a complete and utter lie, including telling me he never downplayed or disrespected our relationship, which he has, and I was about to forgive him.”

It has since been revealed the scrapping of any mention of the nude photo leak was due to threatened legal action from Courtney - and rightly so, IMO!

That's also why Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light's sleuthy ‘bullsh** investigators’ letter to Jack and his on-screen wife Tori Adams had to be blurred on Telly. 

It called out Jack's serious privacy breach with Courtney and suggested a three-way chat to clear up the mess Courtney has been dragged into during the season.

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It’s understood Courtney is exploring a legal case against Jack for defamation and possibly even criminal charges for 'revenge porn.'

This all comes after Daily Mail reported that Jack was granted a temporary protection order against Courtney on March 7.

According to the order, Courtney “must be of good behaviour towards the aggrieved and not commit domestic violence against the aggrieved”.

She is not able to have any contact with Jack, make negative comments about him online, or be within 100 meters of him, except for when it comes to their court appearances.