LEAKED: Why MAFS AU's 'BS investigators' letter to Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams was blurred
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LEAKED: Why MAFS AU's 'BS investigators' letter to Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams was blurred

MAFS producers really have had to scrap it ALL out of the season!

The full letter that MAFS AU’s ‘bullsh** investigators' Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light sent to Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams has been revealed. 

It appears that Jack's ex-girlfriend, Courtney Jade, is the reason why certain parts of the note had to be blurred out on our screens.

Feedback Week has been a wild ride and the anonymous letter sent to Jack and Tori calling out the inconsistencies in their relationship went down like a cup of cold sick.

And while we heard some of what was penned in the note, we’re desperate to know what really set Tori off to write back a big F-U.

Over at So Dramatic!, they’ve got their hands on a copy of the unblurred letter, and are we strapped in?

“You two are both sexual people, why haven’t you had sex?” they asked. 

“The pressure of the experiment is not an excuse. Every week, you say you’re building? To what?” 

SOURCE: So Dramatic!

The BS investigators followed their lack of intimacy with their lack of staying consistent with their words and actions. 

“Why was it that at the Commitment Ceremony, you were both lounging on each other on the couch and then as soon as you got up in front of the experts, you were acting as if there was a problem? They asked. “The minute you were off the couch, you were back in the same position?”

On the controversial couple's future plans, the BS investigators asked: “Why is it that Tori speaks of you two getting married in Spain after this experiment, and Jack knows nothing about the wedding in Spain? Get your stories together.” Eek!

Now, for the real reason, the note was blurred on our screens last night. Timothy and Lucinda touched on a sore spot about Jack’s ex Courtney Jade, who is the girl he reportedly left in the dust to appear on the show.

“The girl in the article: Jack, you have openly said that she is batsh*t crazy, that you’ve blocked her from everywhere, yet you show naked photos of her without her permission,” the letter added.

ICYMI - Jack is said to have shown intimate snaps of his ex, Courtney Jade to Jonathan McCullough and Tim Calwell in the gym. 

Channel Nine has since reportedly scrapped the ENTIRE storyline from the season due to ‘defamation’ concerns.

An insider claims the network is “legally unable to air [the nude photo scandal] as it would have been defamatory to Courtney“.

The 2024 participant said it’s a “shame” considering it was a “huge storyline” and “a massive part of all the drama on the show” - after seeing Tori's reaction to the note, we're sure it was set to KICK OFF!

Meanwhile, Jack has been granted a temporary protection order against Courtney due to alleged ‘harassment and abuse’.

We can’t help but wonder if the axing of the storyline and protection order are connected - surely…

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Tonight’s dinner party is set to explode as Lucinda and Timothy come clean to Jack and Tori about their BS antics - we can’t wait!