MAFS AU: Jack shares his side of the 'secret' girlfriend bombshell but his ex is NOT having it

MAFS AU: Jack shares his side of the 'secret' girlfriend bombshell but his ex is NOT having it

There's two sides to every story, right?!

Last night, Jack Dunkley faced a major grilling from the entire ‘MAFS’ AU cast after they read reports he dumped his ex-girlfriend to come on the show.

Now, he’s told his side of the dumping, and this is just getting messier…

ICYMI: Courtney, Jack's alleged ex-girlfriend, revealed to The Wash that she had been led to believe he broke up with her because he was moving overseas for a job.

“Breaks up with me right after I met his family, and he told me he loves me,” she began.


Appearing on Today Extra with his onscreen bride, Tori Adams, Jack admitted that there is some truth to the allegations.

“When I originally did the break-up, I kind of softened the blow,” he mentioned. “I said I had some work to do in Sydney. [Courtney] turned around and said, ‘I’m going to move to Sydney. What’s your boss’ number? I’m going to call him and let him know I’m coming’.”

Jack added: “It was a bit of a soft blow, but I had my hands tied a little bit. So, I regrettably said I’m actually going overseas for a few months. So, the door is shut.”

Could honesty not have been an option here?! Maybe..?

At the dinner party last night, Jack tried to brush off Courtney's accusations,  painting her to be “a bit of a crazy” to the lads.

Sounds like a convenient cover-up for some dirty laundry about to be aired tf out. 

Following the scandal leak, Courtney spoke on her comments to The Wash last year. She said she “wasn’t proud of [her] decisions following the breakup”.

“I know myself, I’ve been crazy and will own that,” she wrote on Insta. “My mental health has suffered due to being completely blindsided and losing my best friend to a reality TV show.”

Courtney continued: “Jack has never tried to break up with me, and our relationship was becoming quite serious (hence why I went to Melbourne with him a week before we split).”

“I’m just telling my side of the story as what has happened here has been horrible… I wouldn’t wish this on you or anyone else. I most certainly deserved the respect of the truth,” she added.

With both sides of the story now out in the open, will this whole scandal finally be over? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what else comes from tonight’s episode following that explosive dinner party!