MAFS NZ 2024: An explosive storm out and expert intervention rocks Maddie and Nate's marriage
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MAFS NZ 2024: An explosive storm out and expert intervention rocks Maddie and Nate's marriage

Confessions week chaos has erupted.

The couples of 'Married At First Sight New Zealand' 2024 have officially moved in, and what screams ’apartment warming’ better than a classic storm out and some juicy expert intervention? Literally anything else.

ICYMI - It's confessions week, and while some couples are getting all lovey-dovey, others are already drifting apart. Just one week after their ‘I dos’, Maddie and Nate are on the rocks following a major emotional showdown.

“Honestly, the past couple of days of the relationship I’ve been really f***ing struggling,” Maddie spills. 

She’s got a list of grievances: Nate laughed at her over a dinner argument, didn’t wake up with her, failed to plug in her phone charger like the other husbands do for their wives, and lacks the emotional vulnerability she’s keen for him to show.

Nate, on the other hand, insists he's emotionally in tune, something we saw a peek of at new couple Cara and Jesse’s wedding.

Unfortunately, that fine-tuning went out of whack as Nate snapped: “You’re someone that I wouldn’t date in an open world.” Eek!

“Agreed, I wouldn’t date you either,” Maddie clapped back.

“When we had the wedding party, you were just loud and all that, felt like you were shoving me to the side and not paying attention to me,” Nate explains.

“The feeling’s mutual,” Maddie bites back before getting fed up with the whole conversation.

“Oh f*** this, I need a moment,” Maddie stormed off. “I really can’t be f***ed with this right now.”


In a candid camera chat, Nate reveals he’s weirded out by how camera-aware his wife is.

“I started asking her questions about her upbringing and all that, and she’s like, ‘Let’s not talk about that, just wait till it’s on camera’.”

Even the producer seemed shook, like Maddie’s gunning for their job or something…

Fast forward to the next check-in, and it’s a hot mess. Maddie’s moved into a separate apartment and the experts are called to intervene. 

“It’s hard to fight for someone and something when they don’t really want to fight for you either,” Maddie says, noting their clashes.

“There have been times where I’ve tried getting to know her outside of the cameras, but she wants everything on film,” Nate adds.

“I was like, be real, be yourself, show your vulnerability because that’s going to help someone else out there, especially from a man,” Maddie explains.

Expert John Aitken realises Maddie is too focused on the audience's perception. “You shouldn’t be thinking about that at all,” he tells her.

Well, here we are, dissecting the EXACT moment Maddie was worried about.

“I don’t really know how to go forward from here,” Maddie admits.

Will these two patch up their early wounds or will their relationship crumble from here? I guess we’ll find out on ThreeNow tonight. 

One thing’s for sure, Maddie will have made sure to catch it on camera 😉.