Olivia Frazer revealed how much the MAFS AU contestants get paid and we have questions

scandal 09/06/2022

MAFS Australia villain Olivia Frazer just shared how much the contestants get paid to be on the controversial reality show and not sure what we were expecting, but it wasn't this. 

During a live stream on Instagram, Olivia said the brides and grooms get about AUD$1,100 per week, which works out at less than $160 a day, assuming the show films 7 days a week. 

Even if there is the odd day off, we know that filming a dinner party can take up to 14 hours alone, and commitment ceremonies even longer, so there can't be much downtime. 

Earlier this year, Olivia's arch-nemesis Dominica also spilled on the money situation on the show, claiming contestants get "pretty much minimum wage". 

"Look, even [co-star] Dion [Giannarelli] said there wasn't enough to cover his rent,' she told the Kyle and Jackie O show. 

"It's enough to just cover your rent, your living expenses, kind of thing. Because when you're living [in the MAFS apartment complex], all of that is taken care of." 

With the national minimum wage in Aussie sitting at $772.60 a week, Dom's estimate is a fair bit under Olivia's figure of $1,100. 

Either way, is it enough to make up for the long hours, intense public scrutiny and hateful DMs most of the contestants deal with at some point? Seems like a raw deal. 

Howeeeeever, there's also all those juicy #sponcon and brand ambassador opportunities after the show  finishes - so maybe it's an investment?