'I'm at rock bottom': Olivia calls police as MAFS fans harrass her at her home

scandal 05/04/2022

Married at First Sight Australia contestant Olivia Frazer has called the police on fans who turned up at her home address and screamed abuse at her.

Olivia became the show's villain after she was accused of 'slut shaming' when she leaked a nude photo of fellow contestant Domenica Calarco found on OnlyFans. 

She posted a video to Instagram, saying “Some lunatics have just pulled up outside my home — don't know how they got my address — and have screamed that I’m a c*nt, I’m a rat and that I should die in a hole".

Social media users didn't seem to have a lot of sympathy for Olivia, with one comment reading: "Home alone? Any proof? Or just another one of her vindictive lies so she can play the victim."

"Well, if it isn’t the consequences of your own actions," said another. 

The contestant, who lost her job due after the scandal, has spoken out on Mamamia's 'No Filter' podcast about how she's attempting to cope with some of the most extreme backlash the show has ever seen.

"I’m at the point now where I’m trying to get up off the floor … I’m at rock bottom, and I’m trying to get up," she told podcast host Mia Freedman.

Every time someone messages one of my loved ones something awful, I feel like I’m getting kicked back down. I've had death threats sent to my personal phone number … and many on Facebook.

She went on to admit that she felt 'blindsided' by the show's producers when she saw the way the drama was portrayed on the show. 

"I was just really naive … I didn’t think it was a big deal because it was so publicly accessible. I didn’t think it was a big secret; I didn’t think I was outing anybody" she said.

“I mentioned [the nude image] to my producer who didn’t think it was a big deal either" she continued. "I was just really blindsided by production because they were putting words in my mouth and saying I did it out of revenge”.

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Whatever you think of Olivia, it's pretty obvious that some reality TV fans are taking things way too far.