MAFS' Olivia posted a shady AF Insta about 'toxic people' and she def means Dom

scandal 14/04/2022

The drama continues between Married At First Sight stars Olivia Frazer and Dominica Calarco as all good dramas do - with a salty and massively unsubtle Instagram post. 

Olivia, AKA the MAFS villain of 2022, shared a selfie on Instagram with a caption explaining why she "sleeps amazing at night" because of "cutting out toxic people" and it may as well have been an acrostic poem spelling out 'D.O.M'. 

"FYI my interpretation of ‘holding grudges’ is to cut out people that are toxic to my life. Not seek revenge or put any energy at all towards them," she wrote. 

It’s perfectly acceptable to not like people. It’s perfectly acceptable to not allow certain people access to you.

"I’ve never wasted energy on people I don’t like," she added. "Hence why I sleep amazing at night xxx" 

To make things even juicier, the MAFS contestants still don't have full access to their social media accounts yet while the show finishes airing overseas, meaning Olivia's post had to be approved by a producer. 

Meanwhile, Dom recently shut down accusations she threw an 'I Hate Olivia' party to celebrate the MAFS season finale in Australia, despite the fact she posed with a sign that literally read: 'We don't serve Olivias' with a giant red cross over the face of her rival. 

According to an anonymous contestant who spilt the tea on the So Dramatic! Podcast, the contestants will get their passwords back and be let loose on the 'gram come April 27, and we can't even imagine what kind of shade will be thrown then.