MAFS AU's Lauren Dunn defends Ellie Dix after THAT heated reunion sent fans on a rampage
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MAFS AU's Lauren Dunn defends Ellie Dix after THAT heated reunion sent fans on a rampage

What does she think of Ellie and Jono's relationship now?!

Married At First Sight’s Lauren Dunn is actually sticking up for Ellie Dix after her hard launch with Jonathan McCullough at the reunion got fans heated

Jono insisted prior to final vows that there was NOTHING between him and Ellie, despite having messaged her hundreds of times during the experiment behind Lauren’s back. 

And while we saw an extremely hurt and betrayed Lauren in recent episodes, she has come out urging fans to stop “harassing and bullying” Ellie at her workplace.

Yahoo Lifestyle reports Ellie has been copping LOADS of abuse and negative reviews at her job where she works as a cosmetic nurse since the final episodes aired in Australia last week.

In a move to support Ellie, Lauren used her second Insta account @so.cooked to issue a statement.

“To everyone trolling and attacking Ellie at her workplace, please stop immediately. What you see on TV is only a small portion of what goes on,” she wrote.

“Regardless of what you saw on TV (filmed 6 months ago) I have no problems with Jono and Ellie and neither of them deserve to be harassed or bullied,” Lauren added. “Please can everyone let them be happy and let's all move on.”

SOURCE: @so.cooked on Instagram

Ellie’s best friend Tahli Passeri has also revealed to Yahoo that the former bride is “extremely traumatised” and “so upset” by the backlash.

“She is one of the kindest, most genuine, loyal, compassionate and loving people I know, and to see her receive so much hate and derogatory comments based on a substantially edited television show is saddening," Tahli said.

“It is disturbing the hate and revolting comments Ellie is receiving.”

Despite the hurt caused by Jono and Ellie’s actions at the reunion, Lauren has been vocal about supporting their relationship since the show ended.

“I couldn’t be happier,” she said at Nova’s MAFS catch up with the participants last month.

“I didn’t dodge a bullet but they’re definitely better suited. I think we could all see that a few weeks in. He’s a really nice person, he’s way too nice to me,” she said.

“It’s all good now. He wasn’t cheating on me, he wasn’t trying to deliberately deceive me.”

Welp, if Lauren isn’t holding a grudge neither should any of us. Let’s all just remember that we only see a fraction of what goes on within the experiment and leave it to the participants to sort out their own beef.