'Has someone muzzled ya?': MAFS AU meme creator shares hilarious vid of him annoying the cast
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'Has someone muzzled ya?': MAFS AU meme creator shares hilarious vid of him annoying the cast

Not Jack thinking it was a fan at first!

Married At First Sight Australia is nearing its end, but the behind-the-scenes tea keeps on spilling. The latest involves an Aussie TikToker crashing filming, following the participants, and stirring up some hilarious banter about the biggest on-screen blow ups.

Joshua Fox, the guy behind the famous @mafsfunny meme page and a producer at KIIS FM, is no stranger to controversy. You might've heard about his alleged tiff with Elordi over an “offensive” comment that resulted in an investigation earlier this year.

Well, Fox's mischief isn't over yet. He’s now dropped a compilation of following and annoying MAFS season 11 participants during the show’s filming last year.

The clip starts with Jack Dunkley strutting around in the tiniest shorts you can imagine. Noting Jack’s silence, Fox says: “Why are you so quiet, mate? Has someone… muzzled ya?”

This is reffering to Jack losing his absolute sh** at fellow participant Lauren Dunn and telling her on-screen hubby Jonathan McCullough to "muzzle his woman”. Yeah, we’d be pretty silent after that chaos too!

Fox also tried to chat up Tim Calwell and Sara Messa at a milk tea joint.

“Would you call him a dog?” Fox asked Sara, before she replied: “Would I?”

Left hanging, Fox jokes, "TBC."

“Sources say they’re buying condoms for when Jayden asks Eden if he can shag her best friend in front of her,” Fox voiced over a clip of Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud in a supie.

Without context that comment seems pretty out the gate, but who can forget when Jayden admitted during confessions week that he that to retaliate against his ex for the pain and embarrassment of being cheated on, he slept with his ex-girlfriend’s best friend... while she watched!

The part that had me absolutely losing it? Fox going full David Attenborough as he watches Timothy Smith storm out of Skye Suites.

“He’s pretending he’s had enough, but he will be back,” Fox said. 

And he wasn’t wrong! Timothy was notorious for needing “time away”. Remember when he stormed off from his on-screen wife Lucinda Light’s picnic date claiming he was “done with this f**king show?

With the final reunion dinner party is set to hit our screens next week, we wonder just how many of these MAJOR moments from the season will be re-hashed?