MAFS AU's Timothy Smith reveals the REAL reason behind his homestay blow up and it's super sad
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MAFS AU's Timothy Smith reveals the REAL reason behind his homestay blow up and it's super sad

Turns out there was a LOT going on we didn't see.

MAFS AU’s Timothy Smith has revealed what really went on behind the scenes that caused that MAJOR blow-up with Lucinda Light during homestays.

Apparently, it wasn't anything to do with his on-screen wife at all. He was "p*ssed off" with having to confront his life after spending two months away.

ICYMI - After experiencing an ‘emotional hangover’ from his vulnerability in recent weeks, Timothy found homestays extremely overwhelming.

Not only did he leave his wife on her own in his ‘bachelor pad’ apartment for hours while he took time to "clear his head", but he also stormed out on a picnic date, shouting “I don’t want to f**king talk” before adding he has “nothing left to give”.

Apparently, the date was cut short because “Tim refused to keep filming”, lasting only eight minutes.

It has since been revealed by So Dramatic! that Timothy was dealing with the death of a close friend’s dad at the time, just months after the passing of his own father.

An insider told the outlet: “The experiment was coming to an end, and he knew he was about to go back to the real world, where he would have to deal with all the stuff with his family when he got home.”

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Now, Tim has revealed ALL of the other factors that contributed to him claiming he’s “done with this f**king show”.

Taking to the comment sections of a recap of the explosive episode on TikTok, Timothy admitted he “was wrong” for taking his aggression out on Lucinda.

He wrote: “I hadn’t been home in two months. I was so so p*ssed off with the 20-year-old looking after my place. It just set me off.”

“It wasn’t [Lucinda]. I was done and wanted my life back. I wanted that guy out of my place.”

I guess that makes sense as to why the place was left, well, filthy on the couple's arrival at his Melbourne home.

“I haven’t watched any more MAFS. I’m just looking forward to the end,” he added. YIKES!

Will Timothy and Lucinda be able to mend their relationship after exposing major cracks? I guess we’ll have to wait until the next commitment ceremony.

We’re all rooting for these two!