A MAFS AU producer claims 'horrible things' were left out from Sara Mesa's 'cheating' scandal
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A MAFS AU producer claims 'horrible things' were left out from Sara Mesa's 'cheating' scandal

"She should be grateful..."

A MAFS AU producer has hit back at claims Sara Mesa‘s wild cheating scandal was taken out of context and even went as far as to say she got off lightly.

ICYMI -  During the group retreat trip, Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud held on to the ‘secret’ that Sara went out to meet up with her ex-boyfriend and wanted to look good for him.

At last night’s dinner party, the pressure became too much and Eden refused to ‘protect’ Sara any longer, giving her one chance to tell her on-screen hubby Tim Calwell what she had done behind his back.

An understandably furious Tim later added fuel to the fire by exposing Sara for sleeping with her ex just one month before joining the experiment…YIKES!

Sources have claimed Sara’s exes got mixed up in the final cut of the episode, telling So Dramatic! the ex-boyfriend Sara hooked up with prior to the show was totally different to the one she met up with.

They reckon what aired to us on telly was “taken out of context”.

But one MAFS producer is having NONE of it, rubbishing all claims Sara’s fumbling excuses were misinterpreted.

They told So Dramatic!: “I worked on the show. It was not edited out of context at all. This is false.”

“I was a transcriber on the show, which means that I literally transcribed every single thing that was filmed, including things that were not televised,” they said.

“Everything is quite literally exactly as portrayed,” they added. “And I believe every other person who participated in this season would attest to the fact that she has been portrayed fairly and accurately.”

Apparently, they actually “left out a lot of horrible things [Sara] did”.

“She is not the victim of a bad edit… In fact, I think she should be grateful for the stuff that they left out.”

I guess that's why we maybe saw her reach boiling point so fast at the table… that’s just my guess because sis went from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds.

According to another MAFS participant, Sara “walked out of the dinner party because she couldn’t handle the heat of being questioned”.

They said: “She was clambering over her words trying to quickly put a story together, but as she was questioned, she started to get confused.”

“If it were a different ex [to the one she slept with], she would have addressed it at the table, right?”

“They were sleeping together for years while he was with someone else,” they added. “That actually came out in filming as well; surprised they didn’t use it, to be honest.”

Sheesh, I guess we’ll have to wait and see how Sara scrambles to clean up her mess at the next commitment ceremony, but I defs wouldn’t be holding my breath for a miraculous breakthrough…