All the tea on Jack Dunkley's cooked 'muzzle your wife' comment that MAFS AU refused to air
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All the tea on Jack Dunkley's cooked 'muzzle your wife' comment that MAFS AU refused to air

Apparently another groom was laying into Jack for TWO hours!!

Turns out, the latest episode of ‘Married at First Sight’ AU 2024 didn’t air a major blow-up between Timothy Smith and Jack Dunkley. And while we wished they had, the reason why it was cut totally makes sense.

ICYMI - There was an epic dinner party showdown between Lauren Dunn and Jack after he allegedly told Lauren’s on-screen hubby, Jonathan McCullough, that if there was a couple swap later in the season, whichever groom gets Jack's wife, Tori Adams, is free to sleep with her - if he hasn’t by that point.

When Lauren spilled the wild information to the group, Jack lost his absolute sh** and told Jonathan McCullough to "muzzle his woman”. And the silence that followed spoke VOLUMES.

I can’t have been the only one who clocked Timothy’s face during all that heat. He looked like he was ready to pounce, so why did we not see him bite?

Well, one contestant spilled to So Dramatic! that Timothy actually spent a solid two hours laying into Jack.

“They were just bouncing off each other all night and going at Jack and calling out his lies,” the insider dished. “Lauren would attack, and then Timothy would attack. They were like a tag team.”

Apparently, Timothy dropped gems like, "Everything about you is fake and phony, and I don’t believe you for a second." Ahhhh, can they please release this footage ASAP?!

While we’re gutted it didn’t make it into the episode, there is a pretty good reason for Timothy’s fiery comments being left out of the final cut.

Turns out, producers decided to scrap it because, during the same dinner party, Timothy poured his heart out about his family and had a touching moment with Tristan Black.

It was the first time we had seen the groom really open up during the experiment.

It broke our hearts to find out his dad who passed 3 months before filming told Timothy “I don’t like you”.

“It would’ve been jarring to include Timothy going off at Jack, followed by his vulnerable moment with Tristan," spilled the contestant. “There was so much going on, it was so chaotic, and they couldn’t show everything.”

I guess we can move on knowing that Timothy said his piece, now I’m going to be twiddling my thumbs until the experts lay into Jack on Sunday.