What tf is N.A.T.O dating and why were Kiwis so into it in 2023? Tinder wrapped reveals all
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What tf is N.A.T.O dating and why were Kiwis so into it in 2023? Tinder wrapped reveals all

Turns out we're dating for the plot!

Tinder's Year in Swipe has come in hot and is spilling on the state of Kiwis' dates in 2023.

We might still be scarred from more ghosting than a haunted house, but we were on fire and ready to tackle the dating game this year—whether you were a N.A.T.O dater (you'll find out later) or just dating for the plot, let’s dive into what we Kiwis were getting up to in the dating scene:


#1 WE ON!

The 🔛 emoji reigned supreme, and if you weren't tapping it into your bios or date suggestions were you even on Tinder? It's the all-round sign for "I'm up for anything, let’s make memories, and possibly find the love of my life while doing it." 

#2 N.A.T.O Dating

Not Attached To an Outcome (N.A.T.O) dating, are the singletons who are less stressed about the outcome of a relationship and more interested in enjoying the process of getting to know someone. 

Over a quarter of the 18-25-year-olds surveyed (27%, to be exact) are proudly waving their N.A.T.O flag, saying, "I'm here for a good time, not a long time, but if it turns into a long time, that's cool too."

#3 Dating For The Plot

Singles have fully taken control of their main character's energy and are now fully invested in “the plot”....rather than the end game when it comes to finding their match or matches!

The Gen-Zers were open to meeting new people to have new experiences and fun stories to tell in the group chats, rather than taking a traditional goal-oriented approach to dating.

#4 Delulu

This year Tinder users kept it real.

Mentions of delulu spiked 58x with bio examples such as “If you are delulu, I’m your solulu”, “Tall, dark and delulu”, “Turn my delulu into trululu”. 

#5 Time Together

Quality time became the hottest currency in the dating market. Whether you're stacking dates like a Jenga pro or practising alphabet dating, 51% of Gen-Z singles declared they were open to new ways of fitting dating into their busiest of schedules.

Ngl, I think it might be time for us all to check over our love languages one more time because Quality Time is defs peaking!

So, there you have it – 2023 in a Tinder-shaped nutshell. Cheers to a whole lot of swiping in the name of love, laughs, and living for the plot. May your emojis be 🔛 and your delulu stay trululu.