The wild number of swipes it allegedly takes to find 'the one' on dating apps has been revealed
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The wild number of swipes it allegedly takes to find 'the one' on dating apps has been revealed

I swear I've done that many in a week!

Like it or not, dating apps have basically become the way to meet someone these days and despite hours of swiping the chances of landing ‘the one’ has proven to be tricky for many - I speak from experience.

So what are the odds?

Apparently, it takes a rough 3,960 swipes before most people find a significant other they actually pair well with, according to a survey by engagement ring company, Shane Co.

Well, that’s better than one in a million, right? I’d say those odds are in our favour.

Shane Co. found their answer by surveying over 1,000 Americans who had met their partner on dating apps.  

They found the average number of swipes per minute and calculated that to the overall time spent on dating apps to get their average number of swipes.

They also found that the average American spends 5.83 hours per week swiping and messaging within the apps.

67% of Americans say they met their current partner through a dating app - not too shabby if you ask me.

Tinder is credited for hooking up 40% of Americans who are dating someone they met on a dating app.

Around 75 million people still use Tinder regularly, and 1.5 million dates result from Tinder messaging each week.

According to the survey, Tinder was actually the best app for finding compatible partners because 29.6% of participants got engaged or married to someone they met through the app.

The Americans were also said to spend approximately eight months and 11 days on dating apps before finding a partner.

Much to my surprise, men were found to spend less time each week on dating apps than women, but they also spend more time on their profiles and had a greater success rate - lucky for some, eh?

So you could still have a few swipes to go if you want to find love on a dating app, but I guess that’s also very relevant to the dating pool - take that as you wish!