Everyone's got the same problem with the 'Doubble' dating app where you date with your mate
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Everyone's got the same problem with the 'Doubble' dating app where you date with your mate

as if the dating game wasn't already hard enough...

A fresh dating app has hit the scene for double daters, but there’s a big ol’ red flag that people are waving in the wind!

The Doubble app allows you to match and plan dates with your bestie and another pair of mates. Sounds like a win to dodge those awkward one-on-ones - or does it?

While this gal loved the idea, loads of people are expressing their concerns with the new dating app with with some saying it's a recipe for disaster. 

“It’s all fun and games until you both like the same guy😂,” one commenter wrote. 

I mean when there are only two options, as brutal as it sounds, there’s always going to be a stand-out match you’re gonna go for, right? How do you ask your bestie for a swapsies mid-dinner?!

As one guy pointed out: “Until your friend and your match hit it off better 💀.”

“Now both of you will be ghosted and cried at the same time,” said another.

And there’s proof in the pudding. One gal shared how her friendship took a nosedive after a double-date disaster.

“Never again, did this years ago, the guy liked my friend more. She almost dated the guy, and ruined our friendship,” she said. 

YIKES! If that wasn’t concerning enough, spare a thought for all the singletons among their loved-up mates. 

“Sucks when You’re the only Single one in your friend group,” said one gal.

“I would do this but I don't have any single friends,” added another. 

While a third said: “So I need to know a friend and a match? Yeah, make it more complicated…”

What do you reckon? Are you game enough to test the double dating scene out with your bestie or will you avoid it for the sake of friendship??