Tinder’s new ‘Select’ membership costs over $800 a month - so what does it actually do?
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Tinder’s new ‘Select’ membership costs over $800 a month - so what does it actually do?

so... Joe Jonas is definitely already on this right?

I have incredible news for the achingly single folk who have got cash to splash in the pursuit of love - Tinder has a brand new membership option which will cost US$499 (NZ$835) per month.

Select is the dating app’s new top-tier, exclusive and invite-only service. Those who are chosen for Select will:

  • be able to send two DMs a week to someone they haven’t matched with
  • “see and be seen by Tinder’s most sought-after profiles”
  • have their profile unblurred and prioritised in the ‘Likes You’ grid
  • if they want to, show off a cool ‘Select’ badge on their profile 
  • test new features in advance


It’s not 100% clear what makes a profile a ‘most sought after profile’, but it’s been reported that Tinder gives higher ‘desirability’ scores to people who are swiped right on more. In other words, you’ll have the chance to match with the hottest of the hot hotties. 

Also, the ‘send a DM to people you haven’t matched with’ feature could lead to some creepy messages. 

Even if you are willing to drop nearly a grand to find love, Tinder might not even give you access. They’re only allowing 1% of users to be members. 

To qualify for Select, you must meet Tinder’s ‘5-Point Select Screen’. Your profile must: Be photo verified, have a selected relationship goal, a bio of at least 15 characters, contain four photos and five interests. 

Even if you have all that, Tinder needs to pick you to join the service. I wonder if Joe Jonas is wreaking havoc on Tinder Select rn?

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