Singles are ditching dating apps for this special ring to show they're ready to mingle
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Singles are ditching dating apps for this special ring to show they're ready to mingle

Join 'The world's biggest social experiment' quick! They're nearly all sold out.

Calling all singletons! Would you wear a ring that proudly says 'I’m single and ready to mingle'? Well, a bunch of single peeps from around the world are giving it a go.

In an attempt to ditch dating apps, The World’s Biggest Social Experiment has launched the pearº ring for singles to signal that they want to be chatted up IRL, so basically the opposite of an engagement ring.


According to their website: “pearº makes it easy to know who is single around you. A small, subtle ring that makes a BIG statement.”

“This is the most natural way to meet new people in real life.”

Plus when buying yourself a ring you also get a lifetime membership to 'Pearº Club which includes access and update to all singleton events/festivals going on near you.

I mean, it does take away the awkward rejection of “I have a partner”, but is it really easier than just rocking up to someone and asking for their number?

Rings such as promise, engagement and wedding bands have always signified people’s commitment to their relationship, but pearº are hoping to turn that idea on its head. Oh, and the best part is you can wear the ring on any finger you prefer!

According to Vogue, “76 per cent of people are open to being chatted up in real life.”

Instagram account @pubity posted about the pearº ring and since they did, the ring is now 91% sold out. Maybe they’re actually on to something here.

Many singletons flooded the comments with their thoughts on the experiment.

One person who loved the idea wrote: “I lack the confidence to approach many times and use their prob taken as an excuse. This would prob help me. Don't act like this is something foreign y'all. It's just like when they do colour shirts and cups for speed dating.”

Another suggested that the company look into making different colours due to sexual preferences.

“Please make different colours based on sexuality,” they wrote.

While a third said: "I think especially with both rising numbers of neurodivergent people and lack of comfort communicating with strangers post-pandemic, I think it’s awesome. Plus it’ll weed out the negative effects of ego associated with a lack of willingness to be vulnerable. Authenticity is the new social currency and I’m here for it!"

So what do you reckon? Are you more likely to approach a potential partner if you openly knew that they were ready to mingle?!