It's not them, it's you: The Tinder mistakes your beautiful single self is making
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It's not them, it's you: The Tinder mistakes your beautiful single self is making

For the love of God, stop being basic.

Dating is hard, read this guide and you might find yourself being a little luckier in love!

Blending into the crowd

It’s incredibly easy to swipe right repetitively on Tinder because so many profiles look exactly the same. 

You’ve got a photo of you, a photo with your friends and a photo on a night out. If you own an animal there is no doubt they’ll be making an appearance on Tinder. The biography has been taken straight from Google and plenty of other people are using the same one. This formula has been thrashed time and time again.

You are blending into the crowd my friend but I think you deserve more!

Everyone on Tinder is trying their best to fit in but that isn’t going to help you pull anytime soon. The profiles that are most successful are the ones that display their true beautiful selves. 

Suggestion: Show off your dazzling personality! Love collecting stuffed animals? Take a pic with all your cute toys and put it on your profile. It’ll help others see who you really are and give them an interesting topic to talk about.

Having an unoriginal Tinder bio

People aren’t going to swipe on a bio that they’ve already seen before. I know it’s tempting to use a funny line that someone else has made but unfortunately funny lines aren’t what Tinder is about. Dating apps are used to build connections!

If you want to meet someone, you need to show them who you are. Putting your opinion out there might be scary but it’s the only way you’ll find people who like the same things you do! 

Suggestion: Write a bio that is personalised to you and what kind of person you are. Are you a Coke connoisseur and can tell the difference between Coke and coke zero? Show it off! Do you have a strong opinion about Ariana Grande’s relationships? This is your chance to talk about it!

Having sh*t pictures

There is no bigger red flag than bad photos! What makes a bad photo? Snapchat filters, Facetune edits and ones that look like they were taken twenty years ago. I refuse to swipe on anyone with old-looking pictures because I once got catfished by some myself.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t take photos regularly, that’s okay. Grab another single pal and take pics of each other. It’s enjoyable and you’ll get some easy content for your Insta!

Suggestion: Look at your profile and delete any photos that aren’t good quality.

Expecting people to message you

Tinder is a busy game and if you’re expecting people to chase you, you’re in for a rough ride. Be bold and make the first move!

As someone who lacked self-esteem while using the app, I made an interesting conclusion: I might not be the hottest person on the app but I’ve got some solid banter! Why not cut through the competition and make the first move?

Plenty of people get disappointed at the lack of messages they receive on Tinder but not many of them bother to reach out themselves. You are in control of your destiny, make that first move!

Suggestion: Look at someone's profile and start a conversation with something personal to them. See someone holding a red pal's can? Slide into their DMs and tell them that the purple flavour is the best one.

If this doesn't work, break out the trusty SP2.