Gal shares why men are 'more attractive' in New Zealand, and we're almost convinced
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What's Good

Gal shares why men are 'more attractive' in New Zealand, and we're almost convinced

Do you reckon she's right?!

One gal's spilling why she thinks Kiwi men are the ultimate catch, and honestly, we’re all ears for some convincing, sis.

UK-born and Christchurch-based Sophie Stephens (@sopheatsout) shared her Kiwi men tick of approval with her 16k Instagram followers.

“I think men are more attractive in New Zealand,” she began. "They’re just bigger and stronger, taller…”

But it’s not just about the physical side of things, Soph actually appreciates the lack of care our guys have towards their appearance.

“Kiwi guys don’t care as much about how they look, and I mean this in a REALLY good way,” she dished.

Sophie threw some shade at UK guys, noting how they splash their cash to keep up flashy appearances, whereas Kiwi dudes “spend their money on things they actually like and enjoy.” 

“In summary: They care less about what people think."

Soph is also vibing with the “casual and relaxed” way our Kiwi men dress.

“I’m not into the whole tight clothing look,” she said subtly digging at the UK lads. 

It’s the “baggy and chill” vibes she’s frothing and you know what, at least we can agree on that front.

Though, if she took a roadie further south, she might find herself in Gore, where the fashion sense is more gumboots and flannel shirts than the “effortless” look we reckon she’s talking about. 

She finished up to say both UK and Kiwi guys are great, but if it’s down to her preferences, we all know who’s winning. 

Kiwi men, you’ve got the seal of approval!