Watch this guy scream down Karen's Diner after he was allegedly 'body shamed' by staff
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Watch this guy scream down Karen's Diner after he was allegedly 'body shamed' by staff

Where is the line and who crossed it?

One Aussie man threw the most epic tantrum while out for dinner at the controversial Karen’s Diner in Brisbane after an employee was allegedly “body shaming” him. 

Karen’s Diner is a popular Australian, and now NZ restaurant chain where bad-mannered, smart-mouthed servers turn the tables on their customers.

Although they do have some house rules to stop guests and staff from their, ahem, “acting” getting too out of hand. 

Bec Hardgrave filmed the outburst and posted it to her TikTok account saying: “get this, they told this guy that he had a receding hairline, and this is what he did…”

While pointing at the house rules, the man made g-damn sure everyone inside and out of the restaurant knew what they were, as he shouted at the male staff member.

“What's the one thing your f*cking sign says? No body shaming!”

The restaurant's house rules forbid ableist comments/ slurs and jokes considered racist, sexist, or homophobic. The rules also warn that sexual harassment and body shaming aren’t acceptable.


However, some TikTok commenters thought the man was a little too ‘soft’, forgetting the purpose of the sarcastic service.

“You should all know the risks before entering. If you're too soft, don't eat there,” one user wrote in a comment that gained over 48,000 likes.

However, another believed the staff were in the wrong, as they joked: “Everyone who works at Karen’s peaked in high school & it shows.”

A third suggested they should end the whole experience as it continues to get out of hand: “Karen's Diner needs to end. The whole thing is a mess. They break their own rules and boundaries and then act surprised when people are upset.”

It seems that Karen’s Diner might be going down harder than a Karen throwing herself on the floor, but isn’t that part of it? Or are we all just a little confused at this point?