Sit down and shut up: The famously rude 'Karen's Diner' is coming to NZ

Sit down and shut up: The famously rude 'Karen's Diner' is coming to NZ

The restaurant where they want a 1-star rating...

Bad-mannered, smart-mouthed servers turn the tables on customers at Karen's Diner - and Kiwis are about to get a taste. 

Their first location in Sydney opened last year with great success, and their staff went viral online for their rude and sarcastic service.

Now, the Aussie restaurant chain is coming to New Zealand!

Hidden Auckland is calling for the “Karen's of Auckland” to “unite!"

"A pop-up dining experience is opening its doors this Winter and will be home to more Karens than you can complain to.”

“This is dining with a twist - the food is great, and the service is ungrateful, but your experience will be unforgettable.” 

Burgers, fries, and chicken wings are available at Karen's Diner, which has a 1960s American theme.

You might be thinking, "poor Karens", however, at Karen's Diner, everyone with the name Karen is welcomed with open arms.

In fact, if they can prove their Karen status, they will be rewarded with a free drink.

Aussie lad Jamie recently took his uncle to the dine with him at Karen’s and was completely unaware of how terrible the service would be. 

His uncle would make a great server at the establishment because he had the perfect negative attitude towards the waitress, yelling "f*ck you" and telling the chefs to "piss off" while they were there.

Now that the restaurant is coming to NZ, we advise that only the brave willing to face a group of Karens in one room attend this event.

Or you can do like Jamie and treat your unsuspecting family member to a good laugh, tasty food and some shocking service!