Mega viral 'hawk tuah' girl FOUND and pulled on stage to sing at Zach Bryan concert
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What's Good

Mega viral 'hawk tuah' girl FOUND and pulled on stage to sing at Zach Bryan concert

also her custom merch line made HOW MUCH already?!

The mega-viral 'Hawk Tuah' girl has officially come out of hiding over the weekend, and it's everything we hoped for and more!

Making a surprise guest appearance at country artist Zach Bryan’s Nashville show, the “spit on that thang” ICON has been revealed as 23-year-old Hailey Welch.

Hailey joined Zach on stage to perform his tune 'Revival', and the crowd went absolutely wild when she approached the mic to let out a massive “HAWK TUUUAH.”

“She is absolutely precious,” wrote one fan. 

Another said: “I’m so glad she’s having the time of her life. Good for her.”

While a third added: “After this she better start taking advantage of the clout.”

And that she absolutely has!

According to Rolling Stone, at least $65,000 (NZD$106,600) worth of ‘Hawk Tuah’ merch has been sold since the original video blew up.

US brand Fathead Threads told the outlet they had sold at least 2,000 of their exclusive “Hawk Tuah ’24” hats. 

ICYMI - Hailey first went viral for being the mystery girl interviewed by Tim and Dee TV who explicitly shared her tip for, ahem, oral sex. 

People loved her hilarious reaction, sparking thousands of memes and launching people to try and find the gal behind the now-viral phrase.

 However, that was not too easy a task. Hailey disappeared online, seemingly taking down ALL of her social media accounts.

Now that her identity has been revealed, we're patiently waiting for her to address her newfound fame.