NZ could get a 24/7 Portal like New York and Dublin – but would it only cause utter chaos?
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NZ could get a 24/7 Portal like New York and Dublin – but would it only cause utter chaos?

ngl, we'd be shut off in 24 hours...

The company behind those mega-viral portals connecting New York and Dublin is super keen to start spreading more of them around, including in New Zealand. But let's be real – would it be a masterpiece or just pure mayhem?

In case you have no idea what I am talking about, the first version of these portals in the US and Ireland are now connected 24/7.

Two portal art installations were set up in New York City and Dublin, linking the two on what is essentially a six-month-long Facetime call.

And now there is potential that NZ could see one of these screens installed, connecting us to a whole other side of the world.

Ringailė Papartytė from told 1News there are big plans for potentially more portals, including one in New Zealand.

"The minute New Zealand comes into the project we'd be very happy to have you on board and we're very welcoming of any enquiries," she said. "We're very much looking for a portal in every continent."

If we did get one, it would need to be linked with somewhere just as wild as us Kiwis are.

Why? These giant circular screens show live footage from both sides, and people can interact randomly on the street. There's no sound, so people have gotten quite creative with their interactions.

The portals have already seen it all – from heartwarming family reunions to swapping digits across the globe, and even an arrest. According to the BBC, the portals temporarily closed due to "inappropriate behaviour" in mid-May, just under a week after opening.

Could you imagine the kind of scenes that would be on show in NZ... We're bound to get switched off quicker than that.

If it's not a ram raid in the early hours of the morning, it'll be the shenanigans on the streets of Dunedin at 3am that'll do it for us.

Surely, instead we have a constant international marathon of Shortland Street, so the foreigners get to witness the beauty that is this ICONIC moment of Kiwi telly.

Or if they're lucky, it'll be almost as having a 'Police Ten 7' stream 24/7 to catch gems like this!

But tbh, our safest bet would be to have a never ending stream of sheep roaming around – that's what we're known for anyway, right?

Either way, we're up for seeing what would come of it! With Dublin already taken I wonder who we'd be paired up with?!