Did everyone know you can download 2 hours of TikToks to watch without WiFi except me?
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What's Good

Did everyone know you can download 2 hours of TikToks to watch without WiFi except me?

Where was this on my New Year's roadie?!?

How are we just now finding out about this game-changing TikTok hack to keep us entertained on plane rides, road trips, or anytime we’re without WiFi?

Just like downloading your favourite TV show or movie for a long-haul flight or road trip, you can download a bunch of TikToks to scroll through while offline - but you will need to plan ahead!

TikToker Pia Muehlenbeck dropped the deets on “How to watch TikTok when there’s no WiFi.”

Before you hit a no-reception zone - like a plane or good ol’ Kiwi roadie - go into your TikTok settings by selecting the three-line tool in the top right corner of your profile page. 

Scroll and select ‘offline videos’ under the ‘Cache & Cellular’ section of your settings. You can select how many videos you’d like to download - 50, 100, 150 or 200.

All you have to do is head to your settings on TikTok before you head into the area of no reception, aka a plane, and select the option that allows you to download a number of videos, then you'll be able to watch up to 200 TikToks without any form of internet connection.

Bet all the girlies on their hot girl summer in Europe wish they knew this for their long-haul flights, eh?! 

Just remember, you gotta download the vids while you’re still on wifi or it will DRAIN your data. 

50 videos are about 30 mins to watch and take up 27MB. You can download up to 200 videos for about 2 hours of scrolling, which will use 150MB.

200 videos supposed to last me 2 hours? Clearly, they haven’t seen my scroll speed… I give it an hour MAX!

People are loving this hack. One commenter wrote: “Total game changer 👏.”

“I never knew you could do this!! Thank you,” said another.

A third added: “OMG this is literally perfect timing.”

Others are feeling FOMO since you can’t like, share, or comment on the downloaded videos.

“No, I need the comments too 😭,” said one user.

“You can’t like or look at the comments 😭😭,” added another.

And you know what? Fair point. But I guess it’s a sacrifice we gotta be willing to make to stay entertained on our next trip.