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Forget watching footy, an Auckland pub is screening Love Island UK for one night only

Crack on with some mates, Proseccos, and snacks - my type of night on paper.

Good news islanders,  you'll be able to watch an episode of 'Love Island UK' at a bar with prosecco, snacks, good chat, and mates - but get in quick, as it's just one night.

The Brit, located in Britomart, Auckland, will be displaying an ep of this year’s graft so that you can debate which islanders have given you the ick, and which ones genuinely found love.

“Crack on, send your mates a text and book a table because Neon’s ‘Love Island UK’ is coming to the big screen for one night only at The Brit on Tuesday August 2!”, a press release read. 

We’ve had the ‘Italian Stallion’ Davide grace our screens, multiple Islanders leaving on their own accord, the fall and rise of Ekin-Su, Ronan Keating’s son, one of the most infuriating ‘Casa Amor’ weeks of all time, and plenty of bombshells come to and break up some loved up couples. 

The season will be wrapping up soon, but there's really no clear couple to win it.

Tasha and Andrew were the first to make it official and say they love each other, but Tasha has been accused of ‘faking it’ by other islanders.

Andrew, of course, was the villain in the infamous ‘tit-gate’, which possibly led to the funniest moment in Love Island history - “Licked her tit, or whatever.”

Luca and Gemma are another strong favourite, having both dropped the ‘L’ bomb and had plenty of adorable moments throughout the show. 

Then there is Davide and Ekin-Su. A fiery romance and a rollercoaster of a love story.

From screaming matches including Davide saying “You’re a liar, an actress, go the f*ck out!” in his iconic Italian accent, to them sharing plenty of laughs and finally admitting they both like each other.

It’s gotten kind of hard to hate to the ‘Turkish delight’ and ‘Italian Stallion’ combo.