Ed Sheeran reveals theory about 'test' Adele gives her mates to spot tabloid leaks

The Edge Breakfast 29/10/2021

Ever wondered how celebs find out who their true mates are?

This morning Ed Sheeran shared his theory about how he reckons Adele leaks fake stories to her mates, as a test to see if they'll leak them to the tabloids.

Speaking to Randell, Steph and Chris, Ed explained his theory.

“Can I tell you what my theory is here? Because I didn't, but I do know them. I actually know them quite well. But I have a theory about this because this came out in the press.They said Ed Sheeran introduced Adele to her husband - but then there was another story that came out that said Adele gives different stories to different friends to work out who leaks stories."

"And my theory is that that is a story that she gave to a mate to see if they'd leak it - and then it leaked. Because I definitely didn't introduce them at all, but this story came out and everyone sort of took it as fact. And yeah, I wonder whether it was a story that was basically fed to someone to see if they'd leak."

Sneaky, sneaky. Guess you'd need a way to find out if you're as famous as Adele.

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