WTF are the 'broken eagle' and 'oyster' sex positions the Love Island couple are talking about?

scandal 10/06/2022

The latest series of Love Island got off to a raunchy start, as the recently coupled Paige Thorne and Luca Bish were quick to share their favourite sex positions. 

Fans were left confused by the mention of the 'broken eagle' and the ‘oyster’, with many viewers insisting they had to have been “made up.”

Paige tells Luca her favourite sex position is the Broken Eagle

In the first episode of The Edge's 'Stream Queens' podcast, Social Soph, Steph and Caity did some digging and revealed what the positions actually are!

After admitting she had to "do whole lot of googling and even looking at Kamasutra images, Soph found out that the broken eagle IS a real position.

But, “apparently even Paige described it wrong.”

“The way she described it on the show, she said you bring one leg up and the other leg straight, so you’re lying on your stomach and your leg is sort of like a broken wing.”

And while that is the position, the broken eagle is a little more complex.

“According to google, the eagle position is standing up, so it’s like that, but you’re standing”


We’ll let you google that one in your own time!

Caity said what we are all thinking: “Sounds like you’ll get your neck broken too!” 

So now that’s all cleared up - WTF is the oyster?!

Well, we’ve done a bit of our own research and found that Luca Bish the fish man hasn’t made this one up either.

Paige and Luca get coupled up

The Viennese Oyster sex position is all about flexibility.

The person receiving lies on their back and spreads their legs up – then their partner grabs onto their ankles and pushes the receiver’s legs back towards their head.

If you thought the broken eagle was dangerous, this one is a doozy! 

The stream queens gave the first couple of eps of love island a massive thumbs up, with 

Soph saying “It’s gonna be wild.”

Make sure you check out the full Stream Queens episode above for a full Love Island debrief!